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SC A3, B4 & D1 Colloquium - Winnipeg 2017


CIGRE Winnipeg 2017 Colloquium – Study Committees A3, B4 & D1


  • A3-019 Switching interruption performance comparison between SF6 CO2 and fluoroketones-based mixtures in HVCB
  • A3-024 Application of metal oxide surge arresters in parallel with circuit breaker’s chambers as a possible solution to reduce TRV
  • A3-025 Application research of fibre optical current transducer in UHVDC transmission projects
  • A3-043 Life time management of AIS oil paper insulated instrument transformers
  • A3-044 Circuit breaker requirements for out of phase switching
  • A3-062 Analysis of equipment requirements to implement a 1100 kV UHV AC transmission system in Brazil
  • A3-069 On-site non-intrusive testing of AC circuit breakers
  • A3-070 Circuit breaker TRV mitigation measure for typical shunt current limiting air core reactors
  • A3-074 Analytical and experimental study on switching phenomena and requirements of the tertiary circuit of 1000 kV transmission system
  • A3-080 Alternatives to SF6 for HV circuit breaker applications
  • A3-081 Innovative solutions for realization of digital substations
  • A3-084 Controlled switching for transmission line
  • A3-106 Upgrading existing grounding system for substation expansion projects – A case study
  • A3-131 Conclusions of the refurbishment of 400 kV and 220 kV disconnectors
  • A3-137 Electro thermal simulations of high voltage metal oxide surge arrestors with and without installed grading rings with regard to thermal stability
  • A3-147 Current transformer failures in Brazilian grid and lifetime management
  • A3_B4-009 Stress analysis of HVDC circuit breakers for defining test requirements and its implementation
  • A3_B4-013 Transient current analysis of HVDC smoothing reactor base on the energy conservation principle
  • A3_B4-015 A novel commutation based hybrid HVDC circuit breaker
  • A3_B4-034 Short circuit calculation in AC networks in case of HVDC stations
  • A3_B4 041 Hybrid DC Circuit Breakers Using Gas Discharge Tubes For High Voltage Switching
  • A3_B4 105 Low Voltage Prototype Design Fabrication and Testing of Ultra Fast Disconnector UFD for Hybrid DC CB
  • A3_B4 124 DC Current Interruption Tests with HV Mechanical DC Circuit Breaker
  • A3_B4 125 Mechanical Circuit Breaker Modelling for System Level Real Time Protection System Simulations
  • B4-007 A Probabilistic Approach for HVDC System Capital Project Prioritization
  • B4-020 Type Tests of Large Capacity 800KV UHVDC Valve
  • B4-022 Study and Design for the Nanjing UPFC Project
  • B4-027 Additional Functions of the Upgraded TCSR With Split Windings
  • B4-029 The Reliability of HVDC Systems_Converter Transformers and Transmission Lines
  • B4-030 Forty Years Operational Experience and Upgrades_Refurbishment of Square Butte HVDC System
  • B4-032 Comparative Analysis of DC Line Fault Recovery Technology in VSC HVDC
  • B4-033 Control Strategy of STATCOM for DC Transmission System
  • B4-035 Condition Assessment of HVDC Transformers_A Way to Extend Expected Life Applied to the Skagerrak Transmission System
  • B4-036 VSC HVDC Control and Protection System for Zhoushan Five Terminal Project and Simulation
  • B4-037 Interharmonic Emission of Modular Multilevel Converters_Assessment of Impacting Converter Imperfections
  • B4-039 Investigation of the Thyristor Failures at Lama HVDC Link and the Impact of Nearby Wind Farms
  • B4-040 Validation of MMC Station Real Time Models with Field Tests
  • B4-042 Mitigating the Interaction Between VSC-HVDC Links When One Link is Subject to a DC Line Fault
  • B4-047 A Review on AC and DC Protection Equipment and Technologies_Towards Multivendor Solution
  • B4-048 Comparison of Mitigation Methods for Commutation Failure Reduction on the Brazilian Multi Infeed HVDC System
  • B4-049 Ascutney SVC Associated With Connecticut River Valley Project
  • B4-051 Manitoba Hydro Bipole III Transmission Project Design Aspects and Major Technical Features
  • B4-052 HVDC Control Replica Development for Nelson River Bipole 1 and II
  • B4-053 Operation Experience with STATCOM in a weak 145KV Grid
  • B4-054 Damping Resistor Design Consideration
  • B4-056 Frequency Stability in Case of Interconnectors_AC and DC_ and the Impact of Frequency Stabilizer
  • B4-057 One Side Spectral Method for Line Fault Location on HVDC Line
  • B4-063 Constrained POD Controller for MMC VSC
  • B4-064 Overvoltages Due to Pole to Ground Faults on Mixed Overhead Line Cable Transmission Systems of HVDC Symetric Monopole Configuration
  • B4-065 Influence of Long Dedicated Metallic Return Conductor on HVDC Converter Station Insulation Coordination
  • B4-066 AC and DC Harmonic Filter Design for Labrador Island Link 350KV HVDC Transmission Scheme
  • B4-068 Control System Upgrade of the Quebec_New England Multiterminal HVDC Link
  • B4-071 Madawaska HVDC Refurbishment Upgrade of Control and Protection Functionalities Using Real Time Simulator
  • B4-072 Champa Kurukshetra HVDC 800KV 6000MW HVDC Parallel Bipole Transmission System_Main Scheme Design and Operational Considerations for Different Parallel Operation Modes
  • B4-073 Improved Control Strategy for Commutation Failure in UHVDC Transmission with Hierarchical Connection Mode
  • B4-076 Design Considerations for the Extension of COBRAcable Point to Point HVDC Transmission Link Into a Multi Terminal System
  • B4-077 Design of Belo Monte HVDC Ground Electrode for the Estreito Terminal
  • B4-078 Operating Experience of HVDC Links_Behaviour during Faults and Switching Events in the Onshore Grid
  • B4-083 Behaviour of the HVDC Links with MMC Technology During DC Cable Faults
  • B4-085 Power System Studies under Consideration of the Short Circuit Power of VSC HVDC Systems
  • B4-088 Maritime Link Enabling High Availability with a VSC HVDC Transmission
  • B4-092 Reliability Enhancement of Fenno Skan Bipole
  • B4-093 Failures Fixes and Findings_Year One of an HVDC Link
  • B4-096 Overvoltage Assessment for Insulation Coordination of HVDC Overhead Lines with MMC VSC Technology
  • B4-100 AC Dynamic System Equivalents for Use in Real Time Simulations of HVDCs
  • B4-101 Functional and Dynamic Performance Tests of MMC HVDC Projects on Real Time Digital Simulator Experiences in China
  • B4-109 Gamma Control Evaluation to Enhance Commutation Failure Performance
  • B4-111 Electro Osmosis Investigations Performed for the Manitoba Hydro Bipole III HVDC Keewatinohk Ground Electrode
  • B4-114 Fault Staging on a 500KV Monopole Link Utilizing an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • B4-117 Dynamic Performance Evaluation of Static VAR Compensators with Adaptive Control and Operating Electrically Close in Real Time Digital Simulator
  • B4-119 Remote Community Supply Using DC Transmission
  • B4-128 Adjust Coordinated of the Parameters of the Controllers PSS and POD for the Devices FACTS UFPC
  • B4-135 Bipole II DC Switchgear for Highly Flexible Bipolar HVDC Transmission Schemes
  • B4-138 Air Core Dry Type Reactors for Electric Power Systems Design Considerations for High Current Connections
  • B4-141 Thyristors and Diodes for modern HVDC Applications
  • B4-145 Phasor Based HVDC Grid Modelling for Hybrid EHVAC AC_HVDC Transmission Systems
  • B4-146 Specifications and Operational Experience of the New HVDC Link between Poland and Lithuania
  • B4-153 Study on Dynamic Performance and Coordinated Control of Multi B to B DC Links System
  • B4-155 A New Full Bridge Loss Optimization Modulating Strategy Based on MMC
  • B4-156 Enhanced Voltage Support with VSC HVDC during Unbalanced AC Faults
  • D1-010 PD Detection Technology Base on UHF Method in Combination with Optical Fiber Method
  • D1-018 The Insulation Design and Engineering Application of UHV GIL
  • D1-021 Simulation of Thermal Behavior of a 320KV HVDC Cable Joint With Nonlinear Resistive Field Grading Under Impulse Voltage Stress
  • D1-038 Integral Equation for Analysis of Partial Discharge Characteristics Based on Fluctuation of Residual Voltage and Delay Time
  • D1-046 Developments in Testing and Verification of GIS
  • D1-058 Partial Discharge Characteristics and its Degradation Process in Oil Impregnated Paper Insulation System with an Oil Gap
  • D1-082 Round Robin Test to the Dielectric Type Testing of a 400KV Insulator Set
  • D1-086 Application and Benefits of UHF On Line Partial Discharge Monitoring in GIS
  • D1-094 Investigating the Effectiveness of Different Test Methods Performing After Laying Tests on Long XLPE MV and HV Cables
  • D1-095 Health Index Methodologies for Decision Making on Asset Maintenance and Replacement
  • D1-097 Observation of and Response to Fast Flashover of FRP Surfaces
  • D1-098 Space Charge Behaviours of Insulating Papers Impregnated in Mineral Oil and Ester Liquids
  • D1-107 Progressive Failure of Overhead Electrical Conductors Due to Fretting Fatigue
  • D1-108 Comparison of Measuring Systems Used in Impulse Puncture Withstand Test
  • D1-110 Some Thoughts Regarding Prototype Installation Tests of Gas Insulated HVDC Systems
  • D1-113 Thermal Gradient Contribution to Aging Processes within Insulation Material_Experimental Design and Implementation
  • D1-120 Electrical Effects Measurement and Monitoring of Manitoba Hydro Bipole III Project
  • D1-139 Application Options and Electrical Field Studies as Basis for Adequate Testing of Gas Insulated Systems for HVDC
  • D1-140 Behavior of Gaseous Dielectrics with Low Global Warming Potential Considering Partial Discharges and Electric Arcing
  • D1-142 Evaluation of Composite Insulators with Internal Deterioration_Lessons Learned From Service and After Service Testing
  • D1-143 Characterization of Fillers for HVDC Field Grading Materials
  • D1-149 Experience from Visual Corona and Radio Interference Voltage Tests Performed on HVDC Transmission Line Hardware
  • D1-150 Transient Analysis of Transformer Windings Using Mulitconductor Transmission Line MTL Theory and Finite Element Method FEM
  • D1-151 Key Properties and Performance of Silicone Coated Toughened Glass Insulators for Contaminated Environments
  • D1-152 Characteristics of G3 an Alternative to SF6
  • D1-159 Electrical Conductivity of Individual Multi Walled Carbon NanoTube MWCNT and Fibers_Results of a Parallel Approach Combining Theoretical and Experimental Investigations
  • D1-160 Mechanical Behaviour of Transformer Insulation Materials
  • D1-161 A Design Path to Extruded XLPE Materials for 90C HVDC Applications
  • D1-162 Design and Testing for HVDC Converter Valves Used at High Altitude
  • D1-163 Influence of Extreme Temperature Conditions on the Gas Solid Insulating System under DC Voltage Stress
  • D1-164 DC High Voltage Test Systems with Discharging Unit for On Site

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Study Committee:  A3, B4, D1 ?

Year: 2017

Place: CANADA, Winnipeg

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