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Reference: 14-04_1986

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Design and commissioning of the Blackwater back-to-back station (USA



The Blackwater HVDC station connects the two asynchronously operated ac systems of Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) and Southwestern Public Service (SPS). It allows for bidirectional power transfer between the Western and the Midwestern power grids of the USA. 

The nominal power is 200 MW, continuous overload is 220 MW at maximum ambient condi­tions using redundant equipment. Main reason for the installation of the Blackwater station was to minimize costs for electrical energy generation. 

A remarkable feature is the station's reac­tive power capability. The station controls, besides the active power, ac voltage and adjusts itself to the optimum operating point.


The station was designed, built, commissioned and released for commercial operation within less than two years work lasting from Feb. 83 to Dec. 31, 84.


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Study Committee : 14 (now B4) ?

Year: 1986

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