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  • Opening Ceremony
  • Opening Panel
  • Next Generation Network forum
  • Women In Energy forum (2 videos)



  • Group Discussion Meeting 1

  • Group Discussion Meeting 2

  • Tutorial - System Integrity Protection Schemes in the Context of Evolving Power Grids


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Session Papers & Posters

  • 10119    Impact of renewable generation Resource on the distance Protection and Solutions
  • 10120    Wide area protection Scheme for prevention of islanding of South Australia
  • 10145    Influence of Inverters Based Sources on Protections Devices
  • 10147    From Hertz to Megahertz: Lessons Learned About the Impact of Inverter-Based Wind Turbine Generators on the Protection of Interconnecting Lines
  • 10148    Requirements and Technological Trends on Stand Alone Merging Units
  • 10150    Analysis of Network Monitoring in the Context of IEC 61850
  • 10153    Itaipu and ANDE preparation for the Paraguayan-Argentinian Interconnection
  • 10154    Advantages of Full Digital Substations with architecture based on Process Interface Units (PIU)
  • 10191    Use of Machine Learning on PMU Data for Transmission System Fault Analysis
  • 10214    Reducing the Fault Clearing Times in Networks with Inverter-based DERs
  • 10217    Functional Testing of Centralized Protection Systems
  • 10218    Common Substation Platform: Utility Requirements Assessment
  • 10220    The Development of Merging Unit based on Process Bus for Electronic Transformer in the Digital Substation
  • 10266    CPC Architectures for Small Distribution Substations
  • 10305    Optimizing Underfrequency Load Shedding Strategies to Improve System Reliability
  • 10341    Thinking and practice of relay protection strategy for power system with high proportion of renewable energy and power electronics
  • 10342    Fault Identification and Location Scheme Based on MMC Type Pseudo-bipolar DC Distribution Network
  • 10371    Intelligent Automatic Control of Isolated Operating Power System
  • 10372    Experience in the Development and Implementation of an Intelligent ??? System with a Flexible Functional Architecture
  • 10373    Development of Stability Monitoring, Emergency Control and Relay Protection Issues Based on Online Analysis of Dynamic Properties of Power Systems
  • 10374    Practical Investigation of the Operation of Optical Current Transformers and Electronic Voltage Transformers Under Transient Conditions at 500 kV Substation
  • 10375    Cable Section Fault Identification System for Mixed 110 kV and Higher Overhead-cable Lines Application Experience
  • 10376    Automation of Step-down Substations Using New Technologies
  • 10377    Implementation of Protection Operation Analysis and Fault Management System Based on Fault Data Aggregation and Detailed Digital Simulation
  • 10471    Renewable Energy Protection challenges & Overview of Pre-synchronization study for RE (Wind & Solar) Generation in Southern Regional Grid in India
  • 10472    Improvement in Asset Management of EHV Substations through remote operations – Case Studies.
  • 10473    Testing in a process Bus based full digital substation-A Utility's Experience
  • 10491    Study of Impact of Exclusion of line reactor curent on distance protection function and fault locator for an IEC 61850 process bus compliant IED using Hardware-in-Loop simulation
  • 10551    System accuracy evaluation of metering application based on optical current Low Power Instrument Transformers (LPIT) and IEC 61850 SV static energy meters
  • 10552    Testing and Analyzing of Distance Protection of a Realistic Offshore Wind Farm Transmission System
  • 10611    Experimental Validation of Emergency Frequency Control by considering the Self-disconnection Characteristics of Renewable Energy Sources to enhance the Resilience and Decarbonization Aspects of Power Systems
  • 10612    Line Protection Relay with IP Network
  • 10614    Verification of a New Protection Relay System based on High Reliable Process Bus with Oversampling
  • 10622    Impact of low Network Inertia on System transient Stability
  • 10641    Large scale application of fully digital substations at Landsnet
  • 10675    Virtualization as an enabler for digital substation deployment
  • 10676    Integration of Digital Substation IoT Sensor Data into a digital Entrprise
  • 10677    Reaping the benefits of new standards editions for better integration of intelligence in IEC 61850 digital substations
  • 10709    Protection in Island Systems Operating with High RES Penetration : Case Study Astypalea
  • 10751    Defining a Wide Area Protection System Using 5G Communication Technology
  • 10802    Experiences with the deployment of centralized protection systems using virtual protection relays for substations with large power electronic converters
  • 10804    Novel approach to implementation of fully digital substation Expectations on pilot project Sigtuna 130/20 kV substatio
  • 10872    Hybrid neutral treatment solutions to support post-pandemic changes in work practices, economic recovery and de-carbonisation efforts
  • 10903    Digital substation for EDF: engineering approach and E-monitoring devlopment
  • 10906    Engineering process and tools to support the specification, configuration, qualification and operation of substations based on IEC 61850 over their whole lifecycle
  • 10922    Process bus busbar distributed protection development
  • 10968    Automated Hardware in the Loop Test Bed For Protection Relays Using a Decision Three Algorithm
  • 10980    Engineering and Condition Monitoring in Digital Substations- an initiative to implement Digital Substations in the Norwegian Power Grid
  • 11054    Algorithms for automatic detection of faults/harmful events on 132-150 kV overhead lines
  • 11091    Advanced transformer protection to secure discriminating internal faults from inrush currents in inverter-based generation networks
  • 11092    The Rise of the Digital Twin Applications from a single Protection Device to full Digital Substations
  • 11093    Experiences with Fault Location in Different Networks Applying Travelling Wave Technology
  • 11094    Reliability enhancement through machine learning combined with advanced digital methods for the performance evaluation of transformers and reactors
  • 11127    Using Machine Learning to Detect High Impedance Faults
  • 11134    Modernizing Power Plant : moving towards situational Awareness



  • Tutorial - System Integrity Protection Schemes in the Context of Evolving Power Grids


Opening Panel - Energy Transition Salient Aspects for the Power Industry

  • Session 1 - Energy Transition on Power Equipment
  • Session 2 - Changes in Planning and Design of Transmission and Distribution Systems
  • Session 3 - Re-designing regulatory & market tools considering sector coupling scenarios


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