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  • Opening Ceremony
  • Opening Panel
  • Next Generation Network forum
  • Women In Energy forum (2 videos)



  • Group Discussion Meeting 1

  • Group Discussion Meeting 2

  • Workshop A3/B3 - SF6 alternatives

  • Workshop B3

  • Tutorial WG B3.48 - Asset health indices for substation equipment


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Session Papers & Posters


  • 10107    Health and safety assessment of an SF6-alternative gas technology
  • 10139    New Electrical Automation Engineer Profile and Curriculum
  • 10140    Use of Additive Manufacturing in the Maintenance of Static Compensator
  • 10188    Data Sources for Machine Learning Applications in IEC 61850-based Digital Substations
  • 10189    Results and Lessons Learned from Early Adopters of BIM Technology for Substation Design
  • 10192    ComEd's Experience with IEC 61850 at a Digital Smart Substation
  • 10194    Semi-Autonomous Robot for Medium-Voltage Switchgear
  • 10207    Resilient Cyber Secure Centralized Substation Protection
  • 10208    Substation-based Waveform Analytics Monitoring System for Improved Circuit Awareness
  • 10210    Using BIM Technology to Promote the Sustainability of Electrical Substation Projects
  • 10258    Short-circuit Currents Management at Hydro-Quebec Uprating Versus Limiting Solutions Study
  • 10259    Condition Assessment of Substation Apparatus - The Challenges of Turning Dreams into Reality
  • 10284    Practical Machine Learning Applications
  • 10288    Lessons from Action Planning Based on Transformer Condition Monitoring
  • 10313    Research and Judgement on Technical Development Trend of Substation Secondary System in China
  • 10315    Panoramic perception of substation equipment and smart maintenance technology
  • 10318    Reliability Management Strategy for Power Systems Maintenance free
  • 10319    Application of Substation Asset Health Management System(AHMS) for a Utility in Mozambique
  • 10321    Mobile Solution for Substation Intervention
  • 10366    Integrated Intellectual Automated System of Monitoring, Diagnosis and Control of Power Transformer Stock Technical Condition
  • 10367    Autonomous Software and Hardware Complex for Preventing Technological Defects of the Basic Substation’s Equipment Based on Remote Monitoring Data
  • 10453    In-house developed tool for automatic extraction of Disturbance Record Files from IEDs and transfer it to cloud storage using capabilities of IEC 61850 Standard & File Transfer Protocol
  • 10454    Battery Energy Storage System at Low Voltage Electricity Distribution Network – A Case Study
  • 10456    Utility experience of real time monitoring of 765kV Circuit breaker and Reactor using advanced sensors and cloud-based asset performance management
  • 10457    An Intelligent approach for Remote Asset monitoring of substation using Visual Monitoring System
  • 10458    Implementation Experience of India's First 400 kV Process bus based full digital substation
  • 10639    Online Monitoring and Data Analytics Enabling LV Network Investment Optimisation for a Low Carbon Future in Ireland
  • 10671    An incremental approach to sustainable data center power supply
  • 10672    Return of experience on high voltage equipment in operation using C4F7N mixtures
  • 10673    Improved sealing of SF6 gas insulated switchgear compartments
  • 10674    Life cycle comparison of different high voltage substation technologies using SF6 and alternative insulation gases
  • 10699    Economic Maintenance Planning of Power Transformer for Expected Cost
  • 10734    Knowledge Transfer of Substation Engineering and Experiences in Japan
  • 10735    Life Management and Improvement of Reliability, Maintainability and Operability of 500 kV Substations by Replacing Ageing Equipment
  • 10736    Management of SF6 Gas Leakage from Substation Equipment and Technical Guidelines on Application of Substation Equipment using SF6 Alternative Gases in Japan
  • 10737    Resilience Reinforcement of Substations in Japan
  • 10738    Development of Crawler-Type Robot for Substation Patrol Inspection
  • 10739    Development of sensing Tools for Construction of digital Substations and Enhancement of Reliability through early Identification of Facility Abnormalities
  • 10777    A versatile and future-proof condition monitoring system for high voltage switchgear
  • 10890    Distributed subsea substation for Offshore Renewable Energy collection architectures and compliance with metal-enclosed switchgear’s normative references
  • 10891    RTE compact substation industrial strategy due to clean energy transition
  • 10892    The Ring Main Unit of the future for MV distribution networks: sustainable, digital and designed with circular environmental perspectives
  • 10893    Innovative “3D architecture” for an air-insulated substation of nuclear power plant
  • 10894    Way to retrofit 420 kV GIL with fluoronitrile-based gas mix
  • 10901    Challenges and trends rising on switchgear monitoring and control applications
  • 10902    PASS M00 Wind – A versatile and robust 66 kV switchgear solution for offshore wind tower
  • 10904    IEC 61850 specification process applied to classic customer project
  • 10905    New approach for the on-site calibration of a LPIT in GIS and lessons learned
  • 10917    Application of IEC61850 – a DNO approach
  • 10972    Seismic Level Criteria for Electrical Substations in Colombia and Peru According to IEEE 693
  • 10978    TSO perspectives on 40 years of GIS evolution, including SF6 issues, maintenance strategy and specifications recommendations.
  • 10998    Design and Consideration for Relocatable Containerised STATCOM Installation to Provide Grid Flexibility and Stability
  • 11000    Challenges and experiences on renovation of EGAT’s conventional substation to IEC 61850 based digital substation
  • 11001    Pilot Project Grid Scale BESS in EGAT system
  • 11002    EGAT experience on integration between traditional and IEC 61850 control and protection system applied for grid scale energy storage
  • 11077    Test, Installation and Operational Experiences on World's First Substation Integrating Digital, Intelligent and Greenhouse-Gas Free T&D Equipment
  • 11078    EHV and DC Substation Post Insulators with Integrated Monitoring System
  • 11079    Feasibility Tests of a 320 kV Gas-insulated DC Switchgear with Clean Air
  • 11081    End-of-life procedures and gas reconditioning of SF6 alternative gas mixtures
  • 11082    First F-gas-free and climate neutral insulated 420 kV GIS busducts installation at TransnetBW
  • 11167    Contribution to the reduction of global environmental impact through the introduction of environmentally friendly distribution substation



  • Tutorial WG B3.48 - Asset health indices for substation equipment


Opening Panel - Energy Transition Salient Aspects for the Power Industry

  • Session 1 - Energy Transition on Power Equipment
  • Session 2 - Changes in Planning and Design of Transmission and Distribution Systems
  • Session 3 - Re-designing regulatory & market tools considering sector coupling scenarios


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