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  • Opening Ceremony
  • Opening Panel
  • Next Generation Network forum
  • Women In Energy forum (2 videos)



  • Group Discussion Meeting 1

  • Group Discussion Meeting 2

  • Workshop B1-B2-B4-C1 - Extra-long transnational transmission lines

  • Tutorial WG B2.64 - Inspection and testing of tools, equipment and training for live-line work on overhead lines


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Session Papers & Posters

  • 10135    Development of Methodology for Insulator Replacement in ±800 kV DC Strings Using Live Line Procedures


  • 10138    Wildfire Detection System Using Artificial Intelligence with the Collaboration of the Web Society
  • 10146    Transmission System Reliability in the Face of Climate Change
  • 10152    Development of a Novel Conductive Garment for Protecting Linemen against Transmission Line Induction
  • 10155    Resilience and Reality: Unique Challenges and Learnings from Circuit Resiliency Project Planning and Execution
  • 10278    Overhead Line Insulators in Operating Constraints Under Severely Polluted Conditions: the Benefits of Silicone Coated Glass Insulators and their Application at the PG&E Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant
  • 10300    Analysis of The Ice-shedding of Wire Based on Elastic Deformation Principle
  • 10302    A Novel Method for Pollution Detection of External Insulation
  • 10303    Experimental Study of Dynamic Bending Stiffness of Overhead Conductors with Formed Wires
  • 10304    Next-Generation Intelligent Maintenance for Over-Head Electric Power Facilities Using Edge Cloud Collaboration
  • 10306    Altitude correction method of electromagnetic environment for HVDC transmission line and its engineering application
  • 10361    Experience Use of Bird Protection Devices on Power Lines and Environmental Impacts
  • 10362    Plastically Compacted Steel - aluminium Wires for New Overhead Lines
  • 10363    Application of a Fibre Bragg Grating-based Sensing System for Icing Detection and Structural Health Monitoring of Transmission Lines in Russia
  • 10364    Selection System of High-voltage External Insulation for A.C. and D.C. Electric Transmission on the Basis Pollution Mapping
  • 10445    Selection of Porcelain Insulator Components for Transmission Lines in High Altitude and Exposure to Ice and Snow
  • 10446    Design and Testing of UHV 765/400 KV Transmission Line Monopole Structures Powergrid's Experience
  • 10447    Improvement of Bearing Capacity of Soil using Bamboo Nailing and Sand Piling for 400kV Transmission Line Tower Foundations in Tripura, India
  • 10448    Powergrid Experience on Installation of Transmission Line Arresters in EHV Transmission line
  • 10449    Design Innovations for Mitigating Construction Challenges of Overhead Lines
  • 10515    Countermeasures for high and extreme ice loads typical for Norwegian environment based on concept of heatin
  • 10539    Full Scale Test of the 400 kV double circuit pylons (Wintrack type III)
  • 10540    How to increase Resilience by assessment based on study case 400 kV Overhead Line Stevin – Horta in Belgium
  • 10546    Safe Management of Work in High-Voltage Overhead Lines in The Netherlands
  • 10576    Optimization of Vegetation Management with Lidar Inspection. Real Application Case
  • 10577    Artificial Intelligence in the Diagnosis of Fault Causes in Transmission Lines
  • 10580    Preparatory analysis to establish a reliable and efficient DLR system
  • 10624    Corelation between tensile Force in Conductors and Stress loading of tensile Towers
  • 10629    Latest design Standard on Structures for Transmissions in Japan
  • 10630    Deterioration diagnosis-imaging Technology and deterioration countermeasure Technology for overhead transmission line
  • 10631    Evaluation of long-term Reliability of the carbon fiber core Wire and Development of Technologies to expand its Application
  • 10632    Evaluation of residual mechanical performance of damaged conductor strands due to AC fault arcs for rational repair of overhead line
  • 10633    Rationalization of maintenance Methods for hot-dip galvanizing transmission Tower
  • 10634    Efficacy of Loose Spacers in Mitigating Galloping of Bundled Conductors
  • 10669    Applications of multi-stress Test Methods to evaluate today's Composite Insulator Reliability
  • 10670    Upgrading the transmission capacity of existing high voltage lines using insulated suspension chain ISC
  • 10698    A Study on the Life-Time Assessment Ways and Various Failure Types of 154kV Porcelain Insulators Installed in South Korea
  • 10718    Innovative inspection techniques and digital tools for condition follow-up of overhead lines in Belgium
  • 10719    Environmental impact mitigation for new 110 kV line in natural protected area
  • 10757    RTV Coated Insulators in Harsh Desert Environment
  • 10766    Operational Evaluation of RTV Coating Performance over 17 years on the Coastal Area at Jubail-SA
  • 10775    Design and protection criteria for passive loops on a 400 kV double circuit line
  • 10776    Refurbishment of sectionalizing posts on 245 kV towers for a reduced visual impact and an increased line resilience
  • 10797    Electrical environment evaluation of HVAC/HVDC hybrid transmission line using a reduced scale-model
  • 10852    Electromagnetic interference investigation of two overhead lines with a natural buried gas pipeline: An investigation on the Agri-Horasan Region in Turkey
  • 10853    Site Application of Anti Torsion Pendulum and Interphase Space for the Prevention of Ice Load on Transmission Line Systems in Turkey
  • 10887    Metamodel applied to fatigue damage in overhead lines conductors
  • 10888    Overhead towers specially designed to be lift by helicopters.
  • 10889    2x400kV composite pylon ready for use, nnovative and compact – reducing the impact of OHTL considerable
  • 10908    Compliance analysis of exposure limit values of power frequency electromagnetic fields during live-line working on HV overhead lines
  • 10911    Dynamic line rating in the Spanish overhead transmission network
  • 10914    Affordable towers compaction using aerospace-borrowed lattices
  • 10915    A wearable system for Work at Height Safety Management
  • 10963    Worlds longest Span with ACSR Conductor – Design challenges
  • 10974    Design of Overhead Lines in a Changing Climate
  • 10975    Structural reliability analysis of Transmission lLine towers by use of advanced Weather Modelling
  • 10976    Development of Aluminium Tower for 420 kV AC line to reduce environmental impact and safety risks under construction
  • 11024    Development of lifting device for raising height of existing towers of overhead lines
  • 11074    Probabilistic safety concept in overhead line construction
  • 11076    Design and construction of a high and heavy lattice tower for 380 kV transmission line
  • 11141    Case Study: Measuring the Size of Electrical Conductors using Lidar Scanning
  • 11142    Towards a predictive model for the residual strength of PMC composite core in HTLS conductors in function of the operating conditions
  • 11143    An Empirical Analysis of the Operational Efficiencies and Risks Associated with Static, Ambient Adjusted, and Dynamic Line Rating Methodologies
  • 11144    Full-Scale Tests for the Purpose of Verifying the Method for Determining the Boom of the Wire Sag by the Period of its own Oscillations
  • 11145    Correlation of the Surface Wettability and the Audible Noise Emission of Overhead Line Conductors



  • Workshop B1-B2-B4-C1 - Extra-long transnational transmission lines



  • Tutorial WG B2.64 - Inspection and testing of tools, equipment and training for live-line work on overhead lines


Opening Panel - Energy Transition Salient Aspects for the Power Industry

  • Session 1 - Energy Transition on Power Equipment
  • Session 2 - Changes in Planning and Design of Transmission and Distribution Systems
  • Session 3 - Re-designing regulatory & market tools considering sector coupling scenarios


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