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Sessions 2020 & 2021 - SC D1 Package







  • 2020 - Paper Session 1 (2020.09.02)
  • 2020 - Paper Session 2 (2020.09.02) 
  • 2020 - Paper Session 3 (2020.09.03)
  • 2020 - Paper Session 4 (2020.09.03)
  • 2020 - Tutorial: Mechanical properties of insulating materials and insulated conductors for oil insulated power transformers
  • 2021 - GDM 1 (2021.08.24)
  • 2021 - GDM 2 (2021.08.25)
  • 2021 - Tutorial: Dielectric testing of gas insulated HVDC systems



  • 2020    e-session Opening Ceremony (2020.08.24)

  • 2020    e-session International NGN Activities Update and Discussion (2020.08.28)
  • 2020    e-session_20200828_Women in Engineering_ Embracing Change and Overcoming Barriers (2020.08.28)
  • 2020    e-session_20200903_closing speech from CIGRE President, Michel AUGONNET (2020.09.03)
  • 2021    VCS Opening Ceremony (2021.08.20)
  • 2021    VCS NGN (2021.08.23)
  • 2021    VCS Women in Energy (2021.08.23)


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Session Papers & presentations

  • D1-101    Predictive maintenance based on continuous monitoring of OLTCs electrical signatures

  • D1-102    Development and implementation of Partial discharges on-line monitoring module in GIS 110KV switchgears
  • D1-103    Identification and Improved Quantification of Inhibitors in Mineral Insulating Oils using FTIR Spectroscopy and Partial Least Squares Regression
  • D1-104    Influence of temperature variation on transformer bushing monitoring
  • D1-105    A New Partial Discharge Measuring System in HVGIS Based on Magnetic Field Antennas
  • D1-106    Challenges for space charge measurements with the PEA technique in the thick insulation of HVDC Cables
  • D1-107    Cigré Prototype Installation Test for Gas-Insulated DC Systems - Testing a Gas-Insulated DC Transmission line (DC-GIL) for ±550 kV and 5000 A under Real Service Conditions
  • D1-108    Evaluation of dynamic loading capability for optimal loading strategies of power transformers
  • D1-109    Partial Discharge Analysis in Gas-Insulated HVDC Systems Using Conventional and Non-Conventional Methods
  • D1-110    Spectral measurement of the precipitations composition in OIP insulation of the high-voltage bushings
  • D1-111    A measurement system for insulator puncture test with short front impulse voltage
  • D1-112    Extended Frequency Range Testing of HV Cables
  • D1-113    PD Testing Setup Composed by GIS, Cable and Power Transformer to Compare Different PD Monitoring Technologies
  • D1-114    On-Line Diagnosis Methods for Transformer Winding Deformation Based on Running Voltage and Current Correlation Mining
  • D1-115    Development of a Multi-Parameter Online Monitoring Equipment for EHV Transformer Bushing
  • D1-116    Proposal of a Calibration Methodology of UHF Partial Discharge Measurements for Power Transformers
  • D1-117    A new method for evaluating the degree of polymerization of paper insulation of power transformers
  • D1-118    Field Experience in Oil-filled Power Transformers Fault Diagnosis by Frequency Response of Stray Losses (FRSL)
  • D1-119    Analysis of puncture breakdown characteristics according to inner defect types of GIS epoxy insulator
  • D1-120    Oxidative degradation of mineral oils in power transformers over service time. Effect of the economic owner on maintenance strategies
  • D1-121    Development of OF Cable Insulation Deterioration Diagnosis Technique Using Support Vector Machine
  • D1-122    Monitoring of active part drying for instrument transformers by dielectric measurements
  • D1-123    Measurement and behavior of partial discharge for SF6 substitute gases in HVDC GIS/GIL
  • D1-202    Proposal of test method for evaluating the induction time (IT) of natural ester insulating oils
  • D1-203    LCA and Smoke Test of Dielectric Fluids based on Natural Esters
  • D1-204    Investigation into the effect of cold temperature on the physical properties of dielectric liquids
  • D1-206    Characterization of pressboard mechanical properties for understanding the dynamic behaviour of transformer winding clamping pressure
  • D1-207    A new type of failure of composite insulators: service experience, degradation characteristics, root cause, experimental simulation and countermeasures
  • D1-208    Investigations of long-term transition processes on solid-gas insulated HVDC bushings under high thermal and electrical stress
  • D1-209    The Electrical Characteristics of Low Current Surface Discharges with Liquid Electrodes and the Adaption of Test Parameters for a DC Inclined-Plane-Test
  • D1-210    Analysis of stray gas according to oil characteristics and vacuum process conditions of insulation oil in power transformer
  • D1-211    Analysis Of 400 Kv Failed Silicone Rubber Insulators: Role Of Micro-Cracks In Glass Fiber Rod And Electric Field Distribution In Failure Mechanism-Case Study
  • D1-212    Implementation of space charge measurement using the Pulsed Electro-Acoustic method during ageing of HVDC model cable
  • D1-213    Low temperature behaviour and dielectric performance of Fluoronitrile/CO2/ O2 mixture
  • D1-214    Degradation of insulating gases with low environmental footprint in operation
  • D1-301    Byproduct-free curing of a highly insulating polyethylene copolymer blend: an alternative to peroxide crosslinking
  • D1-302    Replacement of area substation transformers with flexible units of reduced footprint and increased overloadability
  • D1-303    New test procedure intended to evaluate adhesion of core/housing interface of composite insulators
  • D1-304    Measurement and simulation of transient field stresses and impacts on advanced insulation design and new test procedures for HVDC components
  • D1-305    3D Printed Solid Insulator: Possibilities and Challenges
  • D1-306    Features of the choosing insulation voltage of AC systems under increased frequency
  • D1-307    Electric Field Relaxation by Functionally Graded Insulating Materials in GIS
  • D1-308    Erosion Performance of Boron Nitride Filled Silicone Rubber Composite as an Outdoor Insulator Weathershed Material
  • D1-309    Dielectric stress on and design of GIS support insulators for HVDC-applications


Summary Report

  • 2020   SC D1


NGN Papers

  • 2020  D1-NGN 01    Investigation of the innovative type of insulation SCOTCH 1601



  • 2020  D1 e-session questions



  • 2021 - Forum A3/B3/D1: SF6 alternatives workshop


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