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Sessions 2020 & 2021 - SC A3 Package







  • 2020 - Workshop A3/B4: Meshed offshore HVDC transmission grid development
  • 2020 - Tutorial: Innovation and trends in transmission and distribution equipment
  • 2020 - Paper Session 3 (2020.08.27)
  • 2020 - Paper Session 2 (2020.08.26) 
  • 2020 - Paper Session 1 (2020.08.26)
  • 2021 - GDM 2 (2021.08.27)
  • 2021 - GDM 1 (2021.08.26)
  • 2021 - Workshop A3/B3: The impact of SF6 - Free alternatives in T&D substations and its switchgear switching equipment 
  • 2021 - Tutorial: State-of-the-art of DC circuit-breakers in T&D



  • 2020    e-session Opening Ceremony (2020.08.24)

  • 2020    e-session International NGN Activities Update and Discussion (2020.08.28)
  • 2020    e-session_20200828_Women in Engineering_ Embracing Change and Overcoming Barriers(2020.08.28)
  • 2020    e-session_20200903_closing speech from CIGRE President, Michel AUGONNET (2020.09.03)
  • 2021    VCS Opening Ceremony (2021.08.20)
  • 2021    VCS NGN (2021.08.23)
  • 2021    VCS Women in Energy (2021.08.23)


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Session Papers & Presentations

  • A3-101    EDISON: A New Generation DC Circuit Breaker

  • A3-102    Environmental Performance of Dead-Tank Circuit Circuit Breakers with SF6 and Alternative Gases
  • A3-103    VARC DC circuit breaker – a versatile concept for non-zero current interruption
  • A3-104    Innovative T&D Switching Equipment and Development of its Testing Technology
  • A3-105    Low loss DC circuit breakers and DC GIS equipment
  • A3-106    First CO2-neutral 145 kV and up to 63 kA Dead Tank Circuit Breakers based on Vacuum Switching and Clean Air Insulation Technology
  • A3-107    Fault current limiters for electrical grids 220 kV on the base of the fast-acting highvoltage explosive commutators
  • A3-108    Studying the characteristics of non-traditional current and voltage converters for digital substations
  • A3-109    Power plants Modernization by Smart integrated vacuum generator breaker switchgears
  • A3-110    Development and Electrical Performance Research of a 12kV C4F7N/CO2 Ring Main Unit
  • A3-111    Experience of Capacitive Current Switching of EHV and UHV AC Circuit Breaker in Power System and Test
  • A3-112    Basic aspects of switching with series-connected vacuum interrupter units in high-voltage metal-enclosed and live tank arrangements
  • A3-113    Interrupting Performance Evaluation of High-Voltage Gas Circuit Breakers Using CFD Simulation and Data Analysis Technique
  • A3-114    The First Development of SF6-free 170kV 50kA 60Hz GIS with Fluoronitile (C4F7N) Mixtures
  • A3-115    Case Study – Improving Reliability of Circuit Breaker by using Controlled Switching and removing Pre Insertion Resistor (PIR)
  • A3-116    Innovative SF6 Free Load Break Switch with Shunt Vacuum Interruption (SVI) Technology
  • A3-117    Return of experience of the SF6-free solution by the use of fluoronitrile gas mixture and progress on coverage of full range of transmission equipment
  • A3-118    C5 fluoroketone based gas mixtures as current interrupting media in high voltage switchgear
  • A3-119    Theoretical and Practical Behaviour of Eco-friendly SF6 Alternatives in High Voltage Switchgear
  • A3-201    CIGRE Reliability Survey on Equipment
  • A3-202    Operational Experience, Field Test and EMT Simulation for EHV Shunt-Reactor Switching
  • A3-204    In-service Diagnosis of Grading Capacitor Dielectric Deterioration
  • A3-205    Circuit Breaker De-Rating Assessment under High DC Time Constant
  • A3-206    Actual use survey and maintenance practice of circuit breakers for frequent switching applications
  • A3-207    A campaign for the ageing evaluation of station hollow core composite insulators after a number of years of service
  • A3-208    Overvoltages research in switching modes of cable and mixed overhead-cable lines, power transformers, shunt reactors and capacitor banks of 110-750 kV and development of a controlled switching device for the above electrical equipment
  • A3-209    X-ray inspection of operating high-voltage oil-filled circuit breakers
  • A3-210    On-line monitoring of paper-oil insulated current transformers
  • A3-211    Influence of Contact Heating on Main Circuit Resistance Measurement and Dynamic Contact Resistance Measurement in High Voltage Circuit Breakers
  • A3-212    Research on Simulation Testing Method of System Level's Strong Electromagnetic Disturbance in Substations
  • A3-213    Operational Aged Switchgear With The Age Up To 50 Years - Investigations, Testing, Results - Considerations For The Design And Operation Of Old and New Switchgear
  • A3-214    Investigation of ferroresonance oscillations in the systems with electromagnetic potential transformers by experimental and calculation methods
  • A3-215    Development of 362kV 63kA 60Hz Self-Blast Breaker without additional capacitors to prevent ferro-resonance by improving the SLF performance
  • A3-216    Damping Performance of VFTO using Magnetic Rings in 800kV GIS
  • A3-217    Approach & Experience of IoT Based Predictive Maintenance Technologies in Power Distribution Network
  • A3-218    Technical-Economic Study on Spark Gaps Replacement by Surge Arresters on Pole-Mounted MV/LV Transformers
  • A3-219    Pollution and Humidity Effects on Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS) of MV/LV Substations
  • A3-221    Digital Disconnector and smart sensors: example of integration in the condition base asset management cloud tool
  • A3-222    External flashover of a 245kV live tank circuit breaker
  • A3-223    Monitoring of asymmetric short circuit currents at a hydro power plant using electronic fibre optical current transformers
  • A3-224    Accuracy study of a combined low-power instrument transformer in different climatic and pollution conditions
  • A3-225    Development of Light Asset Models based on Data Mining
  • A3-301    First 170 kV / 50 kA GIS with Clean Air and Vacuum Interrupter Technology as a Climate-neutral Alternative to SF6
  • A3-302    Benchmarking the suitability of a Bi-Staple Disc Spring as Novel Ultra-Fast Actuation Principle
  • A3-303    Performance tests of circuit-breakers for controlled switching


Tutorials - Documents

  • 2020  Innovation & Trends in T&D Equipment


NGN Papers

  • 2020  In-depth investigation of the characteristics of Aluminiumcast alloys for the enhancement of their mechanical withstand in HV devices

  • 2020  Air Core Reactor Monitoring


  • 2020 - Forum A3/B4: HVDC Grid Technologies: 24 presentations
  • 2021 - Forum A3/B3/D1: SF6 alternatives workshop


Summary Report

  • 2020   SC A3


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