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CIGRE Science & Engineering

CSE 019


This journal is the outcome of CIGRE's desire to broaden its publication to scientific articles of interest for its members, and outside the CIGRE sphere.


In this issue :


Invited paper

  • Impact of Covid-19 to System Operators and Electrical Equipment Manufacturers - N. UZELAC et al. 
  • Decomposing power flows in networks with HVDC lines in the FLD methodology - J. VAN DIJK et al. 


Best of e-Session (arranged by related topics)

  • SC C2 - TSO / DSO Cooperation and Interactions in Systems with Very High Shares of Renewable Generation - W. H. WELLSSOW et al.
  • SC B5 - Human errors related to PACs: experience and expectations of Elia, the Belgian TSO - C. MOORS et al. 
  • SC C5 - Integrating multi-period uncertainty ramping reserves into the Irish balancing market - J. GING et al.
  • SC C6 - Contribution of energy storage to capacity adequacy - Application to island power systems - S. A. PAPATHANASSIOU et al.
  • SC C1 - Potentials and systemic aspects for the integration of renewable energies in the North African and Middle East electricity system - R. GAUGL et al.
  • SC C4 - Analysis, monitoring and mitigation of common mode oscillations on the power system of Ireland and Northern Ireland - P. WALL et al.
  • SC B4 - The Flexible Power Link of Western Power Distribution: A Case Study - P. MAIBACH et al.
  • SC A2 - Distributed Energy Resources (DERs): Impact of Reverse Power Flow on Transformer - P. UPADHYAY et al.
  • SC B3 - Green and Digital GIS Substation Substation 50 kV Middelharnis II - R. TROOST et al.
  • SC C3 - Opportunities and Challenges Related to SDGs in the Electric Power Sector: Analysis of Companies in Japan and Worldwide - S. YOKOKAWA et al.
  • SC D2 - Boosting Cybersecurity in Communication Gateways for Better Substation Protection and Control - J. LIN 
  • SC B1 - Cable design for deep water applications and low losses transmission links: first project experience - M. CHATZIPANOS et al.
  • SC B2 - Electrical design and testing of composite towers for 420 kV - A. KVAMME BERSTAD et al.
  • SC D1 - 3D Printed Solid Insulator: Possibilities and Challenges - M. KURIMOTO et al.
  • SC A1 - PD Measurement of Rotating Machine for Condition Monitoring - S. K PRASAD et al.
  • SC A3 - In-service Diagnosis of Grading Capacitor Dielectric Deterioration - P MOORE et al.

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Year: 2020

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