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Reference: COLL_LAU_2011


SC B5 Colloquium - Lausanne 2011


Preferential Subject 1 - IEC 61850: Which tools for which user?


B5_101 The Next Generation of the Engineering Tools

B5_102 Visualizations of SCL Configuration Tool for Customers

B5_103 Requirements for IEC 61850 tools – Results of DKE study

B5_104 Choosing and using IEC 61850 SCL files, process and tools correctly throughout the complete SAS lifecycle

B5_105 IEDs Interoperability Tests Using Process Bus Application Based on IEC61850-9-2 and Merging Units

B5_106 A Training Platform for SAS Based on IEC61850 Applications

B5_107 Development, testing and maintenance of future protection and control systems

B5_108 Automatic Generation of IEC 61850-compliant System Specifications from IEC 60870-5 Process Data Models

B5_109 Can IEC 61850 HMI interface be more understandable?

B5_110 Return on Experience of IEC 61850-based Systems

B5_111 Merging Unit Interoperability Performance Testing and Assessment Tool

B5_112 IEC 61850 Engineering Tools and Processes – Increasing the Maturity Level

B5_113 iSAS@Works. An Integral configuration tool for IEC 61850 SAS

B5_114 Minimizing the impact of IEC 61850 in the new automation projects. How the appropriate tools can help the user to cope with IEC 61850 standard

B5_115 Tools to overcome the challenges of the Standard IEC 61850

B5_116 Assessing the Influence of Network Components and Network Load on the Transmission of GOOSE and Sampled Values in Substation Communication Networks

B5_117 Open sourcing IEC 61850 software tools

B5_118 Maintenance tool requirements for IEC 61850 based substations

B5_119 Requirements for different tools over the life cycle of IEC 61850-based substation automation systems


Preferential Subject 2 - Protection of hybrid line/cable circuits


B5_201 A New type reactance relay and Reclosing Scheme for Hybrid lines

B5_202 Experiences with Protection of Combined Overhead Line/Cable Circuits based on Non-Conventional Current Sensors

B5_204 Synchrophasor based Fault Location Algorithm for Hybrid line/cable Circuits

B5_205 Fault Detection Systems for Hybrid Line/Cable Circuits in Japan

B5_206 Protection of HV Cable Systems in Japan

B5_207 Protection Applications for Mixed Conductor Circuits

B5_208 Electrical Characteristics of Mixed Overhead Line/Cable Circuits

B5_209 Feasibility study for the protection of long underground lines

B5_210 Why cable cleats are vitally important in the protection of a cable installation


Preferential Subject 3 - Performance of protection systems whilst the network is under stress


B5_301 The ARC Settings Requirements on the ESKOM Transmission System

B5_302 Certification of Protection Relay Models Using Real Time Digital Simulations in Eskom

B5_303 Implementation of a Special Protection System (SPS) in the Interconnection between the Turkish and ENTSO-E Power Systems to counteract propagation of Major Disturbances

B5_305 Modeling of ENTSO-E/TURKEY interconnection for testing of special protection system

B5_306 German requirements for protection schemes in EHV transmission systems

B5_309 Itaipu power plant 50Hz sector protection performance whilst large power system frequency variation

B5_310 Enhancing Differential Protection Stability during CT Saturation with Transient Bias

B5_311 Development of advanced SPS for long-distance and large-scale power transmission

B5_312 Improved symmetrical fault detection scheme during power swing

B5_313 Study of the Blocking Elements for the Impedance-based Protection Schemes

B5_314 Adaptive scheme for distance protections applied in distribution networks to mitigate high-resistance fault effects

B5_315 Performance of protection systems whilst the network is under stress: Case

Studies from Northern Regional Power Systems of India

B5_316 Testing Relays Under Network and Communication Stress

B5_317 Impact of the network under stress on the protection system by degrading the communication system





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Study Committee:  B5 ?

Year: 2011

Place: SWITZERLAND - Lausanne

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