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Reference: COLL_JEJ_2009


SC B5 Colloquium - Jeju Island 2009


Preferential Subject 1 - Strategies for the Life-Time Maintenance of Substation Automation Systems


B5_101 Strategies for the Lifetime Maintenance of Digital Protection Relays in Japan

B5_102 Flexible IEC 61850 Process Bus Architecture Designs to Support Life-Time Maintenance Strategy of Substation Automation Systems

B5_103 Lifetime maintenance of Substation Automation Systems: Drivers, Experience and Trends

B5_104 The impact of digital technology on the maintenance of Substation Automation Systems

B5_105 To Test or Not To Test – That is the Question?

B5_106 Reducing the Costs of Maintenance of Secondary Systems in High Voltage Substations with the use of Process Bus

B5_107 Client Conformance Testing Experience in the IEC 61850

B5_108 A new generation toolkit for the engineering and maintenance of IEC 61850 based SAS

B5_109 Intelligent Electronic Devices Remote Test Architecture Solution Using Test Unit

B5_110 Security Information Architecture for Automation and Control Networks

B5_111 An Overview of Hydro-Québec’s Simulation Strategy for Lifetime Maintenance in Substation Automation

B5_112 Lifetime Management of Relay Settings

B5_113 Influence of system design and organization on maintenance of Digital Substation Automation Systems

B5_114 Evolution of the Maintenance practice of Substation Automation Systems at RTE

B5_115 Study on the Influence of Expansion of the Substation to Sequence operation

B5_116 Construction of Digital Substations

B5_117 Knowledge Extraction within a Distribution Substation using Rough Sets and Genetic Algorithms

B5_118 Life-time Maintenance Strategies for SA Systems today and tomorrow

B5_119 Designing and expandable substation automation system


Preferential Subject 2 - Protection & Control of FACT devices and their impact on Protection Systems


B5_201 An Overview of Hydro-Québec’s De-icing System and its Impact on Protection

B5_202 Hydro-Québec’s Protection & Control Experience in SVC FACT Devices

B5_203 Evaluation of Numerical Protection Algorithms for Transmission Lines with TCSC (Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor)

B5_204 Protection of Static VAR Compensator

B5_205 The design of a modern protection system for a Static Var Compensator.

B5_206 Use of 87T Relay Principles for Overall Differential Protection of Phase Angle Regulating Transformers

B5_207 Study on Transient Power Converse of AC/DC Power Grid

B5_208 Impacts of HVDC Commutation Failure on HVAC Line Protection

B5_209 The Impact and Solution of Ground Loop Current on Transformer Protection Under HVDC System

B5_210 Protection & Control System Coordinated with HVDC System in Japan


Preferential Subject 3 - Wide Area Monitoring, Control & Protection Technologies


B5_301 Experiences with Centralized SPS for Frequency Stabilization in Japan

B5_302 Dynamic Numerical Modeling for Testing of Wide Area Protection and Control Schemes

B5_303 A methodology for specifying, evaluation and testing of a Wide Area Monitoring System and Applications

B5_304 The road from WAMS to WAPCS

B5_305 Wide Area Monitoring with Phasor Measurement Units

B5_306 Wide Area Protection and Control Schemes - a toolbox

B5_307 PMU Performance Certification Test Process for WAMPAC Systems

B5_308 Methods and Tools for Testing of Wide Area Protection, Monitoring and Control Systems

B5_309 Monitoring and Assessment of Protection Security in Nationwide Power Systems

B5_310 SPS Operation Experience and Improvements in 765kV Power Network

B5_311 Wide area monitoring algorithm using multi-phasor data concentrator model

B5_312 Improvements in Power System Integrity Protection Schemes

B5_313 Special protection schemes for load shedding: practices used by Chesf

B5_314 Synchrophasor data applications for power system control centers in Brazil A proof-of-concept initiative for control center candidate functions

B5_315 Application of the Synchronized Phasor Measurement Technology- PMU - in the Wide Area Energy Management Systems - WAEMS

B5_316 Assessment of Phasor Measurement Units during In-House Evaluation and Commissioning

B5_317 Teleprotection and Wide-Area Systems over Digital Data Fiber Optic Networks

B5_318 Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control Practices in the United Kingdom

B5_319 Fault Location Using Sparse Wide Area Measurements


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Study Committee:  B5 ?

Year: 2009

Place: KOREA - Jeju Island

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