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Reference: COLL_CAL_2022


Colloquium - Calgary 2022


2022 CIGRE Canada Conference – Calgary, Alberta

Table of Contents - Papers


475 - A Reliability-Driven Battery Energy Storage System Sizing Method for Distribution Radial Supplies

476 - A Reliability and Customer Criticality Based Prioritization Method for Reliability Improvement of Distribution Lines

477 - Potential Issues and Mitigation to RoCoF with High Penetration of IBRs

478 – Optimal Tuning of the Automatic Voltage Regulator – A General Approach

479 - Root cause analysis of damaged ACSR conductors during construction of a 500 kV transmission line

481 - Virtualization of the Experiential Learning Platform for Critical Energy Infrastructure using Digital Twin Technology and Cloud-based Applications

482 - Case Study Live Work Maintenance on Legacy Double Circuit 144kV H Frame Structures

483 - Virtual testing lab for digital substation

484 - Virtualization of the Experiential Learning Platform for Operation and Maintenance of Smart Microgrid Applications in Remote and Rural Communities in Canada

485 - Dynamic thermal modeling and overload testing for optimization of transformer load ability in the context of energy transition

487 - Interactive Parallel-Coordinates – A Bridge between Probabilistic and Deterministic

488 - Safer and More Reliable Transformers Using Natural Ester Liquids

489 - Application of Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) on the Yukon Integrated System

491 - Developments in Online Condition Monitoring of Substation Equipment and the Digital Substation

492 - Quantification of Hosting Capacity Enhancement by Utilization of Smart Inverter Functionalities

494 - Accelerating Infrastructure Planning Using a Grid-wide Approach

495 - Grid Resilience and Reliability Empowered Through Predictive, Preventive, and Protective Technology Framework

497 - Large-Scale Solar PV Generation Transmission using an Energy Storage-MMC HVDC Link

498 - Analysis of Directional Protection on distribution feeders for DER interconnection and its performance during Multi-Fault Events

499 – Transmission Structures Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning Algorithms

501 - Operational use of grounding switches within an HVDC converter station

502 - Power System Reliability Assessment Considering the Automatic Definition of Topological Corrective Actions

503 - Design of Tap Connections on Overhead Transmission Lines

504 - Island Interconnected Microgrids for Resilience

505 - Localization of Partial Discharge in Power Transformer Winding using Sparse Autoencoder

506 - Community Microgrids – Operational and Maintenance Considerations Governed by Technology Selection and Control Systems

509 - Feasibility Study on the use of Magnesium Silicate for Reclaiming Synthetic Ester Insulating Liquid

510 - Parallel Operation of Grid-forming Inverters with Synchronous Machines

511 - Impact of IEEE 1547 reactive power support functions on voltage regulation of a synthetic residential distribution network

513 - Damping of Sub-Synchronous Resonance by placing Thyristor Controlled Series Compensators (TCSC)

514 - Induced Voltage Study on a Traction System and Mitigation methods

515 - Contribution of Electrical Industry to Clean Environment & Elimination of Green House Gases

516 - Effective Grounding of Utility-Scale Microgrids: Methods and Considerations

517 - Automated Data Labeling for Machine Learning Based Short-Term Voltage Stability Classification

518 - Data Transformation from Simulation Environments to Field Applications and Vice Versa

519 - Assessing the Thermal Comfort and Peak-Shifting Capabilities of Electric Thermal Storage Technology in the Yukon

521 - Unanticipated Costs of Increasingly Networked Digital HVDC & FACTS Infrastructure

522 - Integrating Distributed Energy Resources into ENMAX’s Secondary Network System

523 - Improving generator stator rewind quality and reliability through end-winding impact testing and analysis

524 - Modelling Autotransformers for TRV studies- Lessons learned

527 - COMTRADE-Based Relay Testing: Special Test Cases and Field Data Analysis

529 - Scaling operational peak power flow cases to create historical power flow cases

530 - OLTC Contact Monitoring using Vibro-Acoustic Signals and Time Series Forecasting

533 - Hybrid LCC-VSC Bipolar HVDC System for DC Power Tapping Studies

534 – Microgrid Empowering Resiliency, Efficiency and Sustainability

535 - Continuous Linear Puller: A Highly Efficient Reconductoring Process

536 - Micro Substation with Power Voltage Transformers for EV charging

537 - Short Circuit Analysis of Power Systems with Inverter Interfaced Resources

538 - Improvement in performance of primary frequency response of generating units in Indian power system

539 - Compliance monitoring using synchro phasor technology in Indian power system

540 - Installation and Energization of the World’s First EHV Rapid Response Multi-Voltage Transformer Lease

541 - Mechanical Design and Testing of a High Strength Composite Insulated Cross Arm

542 - Line Distance Protection Near Unconventional Energy Sources

545 - Line Rerating and Enhancement Using the AMPJACK® Tower Lifting System

546 - Forecasting Grid Capacity Impacts of Electric Vehicles

547 - Using Automated Infrared Transformer Monitoring to Reduce Maintenance Costs


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Year: 2022

Place: CANADA - Calgary

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