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Reference: COLL_BEL_2013


SC B5 Colloquium - Belo Horizonte 2013


Preferential Subject 1 - Acceptance, Commissioning and Field Testing for Protection and Automation Systems


B5_101           Collaboration Leads to Modular Protection and Control Solutions That Satisfy IEC Security and Dependability Requirements

B5_102           Power Swing Secondary Testings and Analysis of Transient and Steady State Performance of Protective Relays

B5_103           Specific IEC 61850 system requirements to facilitate the configuration and maintenance process

B5_104           Testing Power Automation Systems: Current Practices and Coming Evolutions

B5_105           Best Practices for Testing Process Bus Protection and Control Systems

B5_106           Improving the Efficiency of Testing of Protection Devices and Systems

B5_107           Version Control and Patch Management of Protection and Automation Systems

B5_108           A new approach for test in substation with entire application of IEC 61850 including the process bus

B5_109           Test Functions and Methods for Wide Area Protection Systems

B5_110           Commissioning Testing for Protection Systems in Japan

B5_111           Qualification- and type Tests of Protections at RTE using a Real-Time Simulator

B5_112           Dynamic testing of transmission line protection as an alternative to real time digital simulators

B5_113           Testing experiences with protection devices and systems - different practice approaches in Germany

B5_114           Testing of IEC61850 Process Bus Based Substation

B5_115           Testing Protection and Automation Systems in Romanian Power Grid

B5_116           Acceptance, Commissioning and Field Testing for Protection and Automation Systems

B5_117           The Advent of System Engineering Tools and the Impact on Functional Testing of Distributed Systems based on IEC 61850 and Modern IEDs

B5_118           Measurement of Transmission Line Impedance, Ground Factor (K) Determination and Improved Reliability of Distance Protection

B5_119           Strategies and procedures for site acceptance tests of IEC 61.850 based systems

B5_120           Testing of a Digital Substation Based on IEC 61850

B5_121           Testing of distributed functions and multi-functional IEDs

B5_122           Automated testing of power swing blocking relays

B5_123           Factory Acceptance Testing of Phasor Measurement Units and Substation Phasor Data Concentrators for the Eskom Wide Area Monitoring System

B5_124           Testing Distributed Functions

B5_125           Certification, acceptance and commissioning testing practices – return on experience to date from WG B5.45

B5_126           FAT testing of 61850 concepts



Preferential Subject 2 - Experience & Application of Non-Conventional Instrument Transformers and Merging Units to Modern Digital Power System Protection and Control


B5_201           New Protection Relay for Variable Speed DFI Motor Generators

B5_202           Acquisition, Transmission and Processing of Process Data in a 400 kV Bay with Process Bus acc. to IEC 61850-9-2 LE – an Experience Report

B5_203           Transient Behaviour of Conventional Current Transformers used as Primary Transducers and Input Elements in Protection IEDs and Stand Alone Merging Units

B5_204           Testing of Non-conventional Instrument Transformers Based Bus Protection Systems

B5_205           Operating Performance of Rogowski Coils versus Conventional Iron-Core Current Transformers for Protective Relaying Purposes

B5_206           Towards optimized process bus architectures for power system protection and control

B5_207           Validation of Instrument Transformer and Bus Process Digitized by Standard IEC61850-9-2

B5_208           The Test Method of Conventional Sampling MU

B5_209           Line protection tests using process bus IEC 61850-9-2 with network loading

B5_210           Movement to the Fully Digital Substation

B5_211           Relay Protection Solutions based on Non-Conventional Current Sensors in Actual Industrial/Utility Applications

B5_212           IEC 61850 Sampled Values – Technology Promise, Open Issues, and the State of International Standardization

B5_213           Examples of the Application of Optical Instrument Transformers to Power System Protection and Control Systems in Japan

B5_214           Basic Protection Requirements on Transient Response of Voltage and Current Digital Acquisition System


Preferential Subject 3 - Protection, Monitoring and Control of Shunt Reactors and Special Transformers


B5_301           Differential protection for shunt reactors and power transformers - similarities and differences

B5_302           Turn-to-turn fault protection for shunt reactors

B5_303           Protection of Shunt Reactors

B5_304           Relay Protection for Magnetically Controlled Reactor

B5_305           Setting Considerations for Low Impedance Differential Protection in Shunt Reactor Applications and Proposal of an Alternative Protection

B5_306           Existing Recommendations for PST Protection can be Misleading

B5_307           Fault Current Distribution Across Special Transformers

B5_308           Controlled switching of shunt reactors and protection of special transformers including phase angle regulating transformers and earthing transformers

B5_309           Investigation of voltage balancing in low voltage networks

using Scott transformers

B5_310           Differential Protection for Power Transformers

With Non-Standard Phase Shifts

B5_311           Protection of Phase-Shifting Transformers – Application Examples

B5_312           New Developments in Phase-Shifting Transformer Protection

B5_313           DC Bias and Saturation Protection of Converter Transformer

B5_314           Research on Differential Protection of UHV Transformer

B5_315           Practical Experience with Differential Protection for Converter Transformers


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Study Committee:  B5 ?

Year: 2013

Place: BRAZIL - Belo Horizonte

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