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Power transformer audible sound requirements



Environmental requirements have steadily increased across society in recent years. In terms of power transformers and reactors, one environmental concern out of others is the audible sound generated and emitted into the surrounding, affecting residents living nearby and also substation staff. Permissible sound pressure levels for substation and residence boundaries are given by authorities and are set such to avoid harmful effects for people. Industry entities (utilities) intend to prevent their personnel from long term hearing issues. Today’s sound level specifications reveal on average more stringent requirements than in the past. This is owing to the increased awareness of the effects of sound on humans, the demand for high living quality but is often also result of newly built residential districts approaching existing substations (this was rarely the case in the past) that influence authorities’ general noise legislation.

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Study Committee : A2 ?

WG (TF): WG A2.54

Year: 2019

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