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SHANGHAI: Development and operation of interconnections in a restructuring context




Due to unexpected event in China (SARS), Symposium was held on April 4-6, 2004, in Ljubljana, Slovenia


In many countries the electrical network is not fully interconnected and the best technical solution to achieve interconnection has to be found.

At the same time the electricity industry is being restructured and interconnecting independent energy markets presents technical challenges. It is therefore timely to consider interconnection development and operation options:


  • examine the benefits of interconnecting electrical networks and the development strategies,
  • review the interconnection design options and the technologies available,
  • identify the operational issues, the security problems of large interconnected systems, the protection issues,
  • consider the impact of the restructuring of the electrical supply industry,
  • assess the political, environmental and social implications of interconnections. 


LARGE INTERCONNECTED SYSTEMS - Chairman : Jean-Pierre DESBROSSES (France) - Special Reporter : Pierre PRAMAYON (France)

  • 1P-01 Interconnection of the power systems of the Mediterranean Basin 
  • 1P-02 Principles and alternatives of development of the Eastern interconnection
  • 1P-03 Hydro-Québec’s experience in developing interconnection projects in various market
  • 1P-04 The development of the European synchronous system 
  • 1P-05 Evolution of Canada – United States interconnections 
  • 1P-06 Regional and international power systems interconnections in Brazil 

GENERAL PLANNING - Chairman : Colin RAY (United Kingdom) - Special Reporter : Sallehhudin YUSOF (Malaysia)

  • 110-01 Analysis of the benefits from interconnected systems in Indochina region
  • 110-02 Regional co-operation in interconnections : networking constituencies for people oriented sustainable economic growth
  • 110-03 Renewable sources for Africa and Europe sustainable development modelling 
  • 110-04 Conceptual view on the Eurasian superpool and requirements to Russia’s unified electric power system development
  • 110-05 Technical and economical comparison between two 2000 MW AC and DC links designed to interconnect two regions distant of about 1000 km


SYSTEM DESIGN - Chairman : Dave BARRIE (Canada) - Special Reporter : Evangelos DIALYNAS (Greece)

  • 220-01 A novel parallel algorithm for power flow calculation 
  • 220-02 Investment planning in electric networks and real options
  • 220-03 A novel method for transmission network expansion planning - Ant colony system algorithm 
  • 220-04 Role of three Gorges - CHANGZHOU HVDC in interconnecting Central and East China 
  • 220-05 Interconnection scenarios between South Korea - North Korea – and Japan and associated power flow analyses 
  • 220-06 A probabilistic criterion to set interconnection ratings
  • 220-07 Verification of system design by tests 
  • 220-08 System aspects to be considered to enable full utilisation of interconnections
  • 220-09 Feasibility study of HVDC interconnection between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom
  • 220-10 Opportunities for merchant transmission in North America
  • 220-11 Improvement of interconnections between Belgium and the surrounding countries
  • 220-12 Improved use and reinforcements of existing interconnections : a brief economic comparison 
  • 220-13 Reliability assessment of HVDC power interconnection links under the framework of the competitive energy market 
  • 220-14 Benefits of simulation for planning of large power systems and their interconnections 

SUBJECT 3 : TECHNOLOGY - Chairman : Dietmar RETZMANN (Germany) - Special Reporter : Zhang WENTAO (China)

  • 330-01 Use of indicators to optimise design of overhead transmission lines
  • 330-02 Hybrid HVDC system for power transmission 
  • 330-03 Role and technical state-ot-the-art of EHV AC cable systems in the development of a modern interconnected network
  • 330-04 Convertible static compensator (CSC) : development and operating functionalities
  • 330-05 Long lengths high power gas-insulated high voltage transmission line
  • 330-06 Transformer overloading utilizing and on-line thermo-hydraulic transformer model 
  • 330-07 Advanced 765 kV autotransformers 
  • 330-08 Phase shifting transformers for load flow control
  • 330-09 Commissioning and operation experience of the Kii Channel HVDC link
  • 330-10 Role of HVDC and FACTS in future power systems

OPERATION - Chairman : Sture LARSSON (Sweden) - Special Reporter : Ken BROWN (Australia)

  • 440-01 A distributed computing approach for on-line pre-decision transient stability control system
  • 440-02 Practical dynamic security region based optimization of security cost 
  • 440-03 A new mehod for analysis of the contingencies of power interconnected networks 
  • 440-04 Networking of fault recorders : an update on concept design and engineering 
  • 440-05 Facilitating the operation of large interconnected systems by means of innovative approaches in human machine interaction
  • 440-06 Desktop verification process and evaluation of the pre-commissioning test of the EGAT-TNB HVDC interconnection
  • 440-07 Analysis on OPF and operational economy of electricity market – Compositive impacts on slack bus voltage
  • 440-08 Cross border congestion management – International examples and comparison
  • 440-09 Frequency control issues in a liberalised electricity market environment 
  • 440-10 Evolution of interconnection - TNB's experience 
  • 440-11 Several approaches to control action choosing in the Russian far East interconnected power system 
  • 440-12 Close-loop generator tripping control based on power system real-time perturbed trajectory 
  • 440-13 Commissioning experience of the 300MW Malaysia - Thailand HVDC interconnection 
  • 440-14 Congestion management in a large interconnected network : needs and methods 


MARKET ISSUES - Chairman : Kenneth LAUGHLIN (United States) - Special Reporter : Alain TACCOEN (France)

  • 150-01 Exotic options for ancillary services contracts
  • 150-02 Being the middleman - interconnection between Northern Ireland and its neighbours 
  • 150-03 A study of the game analysis of bidding strategy in power market 
  • 150-04 Impact of deregulation in South America
  • 150-05 The role & impact of interconnectors in the Dutch power market 
  • 150-06 A method of spot price bidding in day ahead power market
  • 150-07 Le développement et l’exploitation des interconnexions transfrontalières - Le cas de RTE,
    gestionnaire du réseau de transport français 
  • 150-08 The Nordic electricity market. Development of interconnections and cooperation between the
    Nordic countries 

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Year: 2003


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