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Opening Session - André Merlin President of Cigre

  • 01 Quantifying business values for system sustainability planning
  • 02 Security and sustainability with UHV DC super grid solutions – world’s first project in operation

I. Bulk Transmission Systems - Expansion and DC Integration issues - Chairman: David Alvira - Rapporteur : Alzira Noli

  • 11 The great Brazilian interconnections
  • 12 Alternatives for the expansion of regional interconnections facing the new generation projects in the Amazonia: interconnection of the northeast region
  • 13 Transmission planning in Brazil – Studies considering 765kV AC lines
  • 14 Evaluating electric losses in systems of integration of large hydro power plant 
  • 16 Technical requirements of HVDC Madeira transmission system
  • 17 Sizing long HVDC transmission system considering operating security aspects
  • 18 Basic issues on AC filter specification and design characteristics related to the Madeira HVDC system

II. Integration of Renewables in Power Systems - Chairman: Antonio Pitarma - Rapporteur : Alan Croes

  • 21 Reliability of generation and transmission systems with large penetration of renewable sources
  • 22 Evaluation of HVDC network reinforcements to better integrate renewable energies in Europe
  • 23 The impact of distributed generation on the European power system: the Italian experience
  • 24 Distributed generation penetration limits
  • 25 Automated method of maximising utilisation of long term strategic development plan to integrate a large scale
    renewable generation portfolio in Ireland 
  • 26 The integration of renewable generation in the Iberian power systems. Approaches for coordinating connection and administrative procedures
  • 27 Care to be taken with grid disconnection in wind power plants
  • 28 Challenges and solutions for grid access of wind power - the smart grid

III. System Operational : Transnational Cooperation - Demand forecast & scheduling Methods - Chairman: Joachim Vanzetta - Rapporteur : Christoph Schneiders

  • 31 Improving power system security by integration of transmission system control centers
  • 32 TSC: Increase security of supply by an intensified regionalcooperation based on a cooperation platform and common remedial actions
  • 33 Security of supply and operations planning facing uncertainties and increasing number of constraints - the
    Norwegian approach
  • 34 The short term load forecasting at the Brazilian interconnected power system - BIPS
  • 35 Development of short term electricity demand forecasting models in eskom system operations and planning
  • 36 Hourly dispatch of Sao Francisco hydroelectric company's cascade using genetic algorithms
  • 37 A Monte Carlo approach to advanced load dispatching in multi-area deregulated systems

IV. Operation - Voltage & Frequency Control - Chairman: Rudolf Baumann - Rapporteur : Rui Pestana

  • 41 Japan's control system equipped with more advanced monitoring, control and operation support functions - For the change of the energy supply structures in the future 
  • 42 Balancing generation considering transmission constraints and distributed generation in Brazil
  • 43 Identification of voltage control areas and reactive power reserves in power flow traceable system for voltage stability assessment
  • 44 Control of multiterminal HVDC and its impact on multinational power market
  • 45 Voltage regulation considerations for full-converter wind parks
  • 46 Stabilizing control of power quality in a microgrid with PV system
  • 47 Voltage collapse evaluation in the Venezuelan power system
  • 48 Application of synchronized phasor measurement technology in electrical planning processes of the operation

V. Power Systems Security & Reliability - Chairman: Paulo Gomes - Rapporteur : Ben Li

  • 51 Overview of analytical power system reliability assessment techniques
  • 52 Portuguese transmission system contingencies analysis using the rough set theory
  • 53 Mitigating extraordinary events using wide area monitoring applications
  • 54 Power system security criteria - Brazilian point of view 
  • 55 How to optimize Brazilian power system operation with an adequate security level and electricity market performance in a changing world
  • 56 Operating reserve evaluation of generating system with high penetration of renewable sources
  • 57 Applications of on-line dynamic security assessment in smart grid development

VI. Modelling - Advanced Techniques & Tools - Chairman: Nelson Martins - Rapporteur : Robert Koch

  • 62 Analysing power fluctuations with wavelets
  • 63 Approximations and errors analyses between the results achieved by three-phase methodologies and one-phase equivalents for the power flow solution
  • 64 Solvers for real-time simulation of bipolar thyristor-based HVDC and 180-cell HVDC modular multilevel converter for system interconnection and distributed energy integration
  • 66 Power system technical performance issues related to the application of long HVAC cables
  • 67 Transient recovery voltages in vacuum circuit breakers generated by the early-interruption of inrush current of large motors
  • 68 Transformer-controlled switching taking into account residual flux – Modelling transformers for realistic results in system studies

VII. Transients - Perturbations - Chairman: Stephan Pack - Rapporteur : Claus Neumann

  • 72 Review of ferroresonance phenomenon on power systems: practical examples and experience with adopted solutions
  • 73 Harmonic performance specification of a VSC type HVDC connection
  • 74 Impulse voltage measurements for parameter validation of a 150 kV, 100 km long underground and submarine cable line 
  • 75 A review of flicker objectives for LV, MV, and HV systems 
  • 76 Insulation coordination for power system performance of Austrian transmission network nodes
  • 77 Switching of transformer limited faults in HV and EHV systems
  • 78 Technical progress in WG C4.206: protection of the HV power network control electronics against intentional
    electromagnetic interference (IEMI)

VIII. Risk Analysis - Assets management - Chairman: David Wright - Rapporteur : Louis Fisher

  • 81 Review of the current status of tools and techniques for riskbased and probabilistic planning in power systems
  • 82 Performance and risk assessment of electric power system
  • 83 Enterprise risk management - some guidelines for incremental and iterative implementation. Case study: Romanian T.S.O. Transelectrica
  • 84 Integrated risk management and system adequacy assessment: implementation of the ISO 31000: 2009 standard in the South African power system
  • 85 Integrated power system emergency preparedness Framework and implementation in South Africa
  • 86 Asset management through on-line PD analysis in MV and HV network: a smart grid approach
  • 87 Asset simulation and life cycle assessment for gas insulated substation
  • 88 Some specific questions of insulation coordination in Mediterranean and subtropical regions

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