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In many developed countries the electricity infrastructure contains ageing assets. Because of the need of a continuing operation and higher load factors on the network, the opportunities for replacement or refurbishment are limited. These must be regarded as an opportunity to review the structure of the system and to consider the design and development required to meet the new requirements, taking advantage of new available technologies: HVDC, FACTS, cables, etc.


The symposium examines assets management issues and assesses strategies for overhauling existing systems, taking into account the impact on market operation, on supply security and environment. 


I. MANAGING AGEING ASSETS - Chairman: Makoto Yagi - Rapporteur : Ashok Manglick

  • 101 Rehabilitation and upgrading of 400 kV substation in order to interconnect the Romanian power system to the union for the coordination of transmission of electricity (U.C.T.E.)
  • 102 Maintenance management system : an approach towards reliability centred maintenance in PowerGrid
  • 103 Recent technologies for replacement of underground cable systems
  • 104 SPS complexes as the matter for asset management under power industry restructuring in Russia
  • 105 Rehabilitation project and new control application on Hokkaido - Honshu HVDC Link in Japan
  • 106 Life extension guidelines of existing HVDC systems 
  • 107 Thyristor HVDC individual system performance evaluation

II a. ASSETS MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES AND TOOLS - Chairman: Yves Maugain - Rapporteur : Ken Barber

  • 211 A proposal of network asset management by the integration of network analysis applications and asset

management database

  • 212 The general asset management process of power systems
  • 213 Asset management strategy of aged transmission cables by using diagnosis technologies and replacement
  • 214 Upgrading the control system of the Square Butte HVDC transmission
  • 215 Establishing an independent transmission entity: asset management in an outsourced business model
  • 216 An integrated information system architecture for TSO asset management
  • 217 Development of planning support system for systematic approach

II b. ASSETS MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES AND TOOLS - Chairman: Evangelos Dialynas - Rapporteur : Susumu Sakuma

  • 222 A method for calculating disconnector contact availability as a function of thermography inspection intervals and load current
  • 223 Integrated asset management system – CHESF experiences with SIGA
  • 224 HV cables operating in a dynamic regime, a beneficial option
  • 225 Development of distribution outage and interruption reporting system on the Intranet to facilitate asset management
  • 226 Short term prediction of line capacity as useful tool for congestion management
  • 227 A tool for ageing underground links management: the health index
  • 228 Emerging metrology systems for asset management support

III a. AC/DC SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT - Chairman: Magne Meisingset - Rapporteur :Tae-Kyoo Oh

  • 311 Outline and stability operation plan of Higashi-Shimizu FC
  • 312 Development strategies of the reliable power systems
  • 313 Optimal CBM of tie lines between control areas under deregulated environment
  • 314 Novel voltage source converters for HVDC and FACTS applications
  • 315 Some of recent experiences of underground EHV cable circuits in Kansai, Japan
  • 316 Development of DC/-250 kV coaxially-integrated return conductor extruded insulation cable
  • 317 Development of new-type outdoor termination using composite insulator with SF6 gas for 77kV and 154kV

III b. AC/DC SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT - Chairman: Masahiro Takasaki - Rapporteur : Marcio Szechtman

  • 321 Countermeasures for AC long-distance Cable power transmission
  • 322 TSO’s measures to secure the supply to a region with rapidly growing energy deficit in a deregulated power 
    market environment
  • 323 KANSAI’s approach to a new transmission system master plan uncertain
    324 Operation experiences and replacement planning of Shin-Shinano frequency converter No.1
  • 325 A feasibility study on FACTS application to enhance voltage stability of the power system in Korea
  • 326 Parameters for planning and evaluation of multi-infeed HVdc schemes
  • 327 Long three core XLPE power cables 

IV. ECONOMICAL ASPECTS - Chairman: Fredrik Rüter - Rapporteur : Akihiko Yokoyama

  • 401 Spot prices modeling for JEPX and its applications
  • 402 Economic values of congestion management of transmission assets by distributed energy resources
  • 403 Revenue risk analysis for asset management 
  • 404 Price forecasting for optimal plant operation using Kalman filter
  • 405 Risk assessment for the generation investment based on utility indifference pricing
  • 406 Economical aspects of an energy management system for wind farms
  • 407 The viable systems model (VSM) as a framework for analysis and design of the transmission network utility
    (system operator) organisation 
  • 408 Price analyses of electricity spot and futures traded in the U.S. markets and their applications

V. MARKET AND ORGANIZATION ISSUES - Chairman: Sallehudin Yusof - Rapporteur : Shinichi Iwamoto

  • 501 Evaluation of high temperature capability for extra-high voltage oil-filled cable
  • 502 Economic effect on life cycle management of XLPE cable based on electrical insulation diagnosis
  • 503 Loop Distribution System with LPC and it’s Planning Method
  • 504 Evaluation of performance of transmission plants, technologies and techniques in transmission congestion
  • 505 Impacts of energy policy on distribution network 
  • 506 Reliability performance indices of transmission systems operating in the competitive electric energy market
  • 507 Network capacity impact on competitive market operation – a generator perspective
  • 508 20-MVA flicker compensator for a power system with harmonic filters

VI. ENVIRONMENTCLOSING PANEL - Chairman: Hayashi Takashi - Rapporteur : Colin Ray

  • 601 AC and DC extruded cable systems - adopted to replace OH-lines
  • 603 Cable installation technology of the duct system in Japan
  • 604 Methodology for OHL sitting procedure aided by GIS technology

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