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NEW ORLEANS: Congestion Management in a Market Environment. 2nd CIGRE/PES Symposium



With the opening of electricity markets and changes in the power flows, the issue of available transmission capacity is of more and more importance. Market orientated answers and real-time solutions are implemented or under consideration; diligent management of existing assets and timely investment decisions to increase capacity and to improve the managment systems are fundamental.


This Symposium discusses the congestion management issue for internal and cross border exchanges, covering six subjet areas:


  • International Practices for Congestion Management
  • Tariffs and Pricing
  • Operations for Congestion
  • Information Technology Issues
  • Experiences with Congestion Management
  • Tools for Congestion Management 


Session 1 - International Practices for Congestion Management (Chair: Olivier Lavoine, RTE-France)

  • 101 - Practices Related to Internal and Cross-Border Congestion Management Konrad Purchala; Masaya Shinkai and François Regairaz - PESCIGRE2005-000051.PDF
  • 102 - Classification of Electricity Market Models Worldwide Luiz Augusto Barroso; Teófilo H. Cavalcanti; Paul Giesbertz and Konrad Purchala - PESCIGRE2005-000072.PDF
  • 104 - Congestion Management in Japan Masaya Shinkai - PESCIGRE2005-000042.PDF
  • 105 - Impact of De-Regulation on System Operation in California Ziad Alaywan - PESCIGRE2005-000009.PDF
  • 106 - Market Design and Operational Experience with Generation and Transmission of the Three-Gorges Hydroelectric Power Station Lei Xiaomeng - PESCIGRE2005-000027.PDF


Session 2a - Tariffs and Pricing in an Independent Operating System (Chair: Chen-Ching Liu, University of Washington)

  • 201 - Status and Perspective of Transmission Pricing Scheme in Korean Electricity Market Hae-Seong Jeong; Young-Hwan Moon; Tae-Kyoo Oh; Don Hur and Jong-Keun Park - PESCIGRE2005-000033.PDF
  • 202 - Revenue Adequacy Procedure in Congested Networks Through Equivalent Bilateral Exchanges Joao Odilon Freitas Silva; Pablo Cuervo and Juan C. Mateus - PESCIGRE2005-000062.PDF
  • 203 - Hedging Volatility of Differences Between Sell and Purchase Prices in the Italian Energy Market Gianluigi Migliavacca; Massimo Gallanti; Cristian Bovo and Maurizio Delfanti - PESCIGRE2005-000012.PDF
  • 204 - AC or DC OPF Based LMP’s in a Competitive Electricity Market? Roman Korab and Grzegorz Tomasik - PESCIGRE2005-000049.PDF
  • 205 - Assessment of Transmission Congestion Price Risk and Hedging in the Brazilian Electricity Market Fernando Porrua; Gladis B. Schuch; Luiz Augusto Barroso; Alexandre Street; Max Junqueira and Sergio Granville - PESCIGRE2005-000068.PDF 
  • 206 - Selection and Application of the Methodology of Cost Allocation of Electric Power Transmission in the Venezuelan Interconnected System José Y. Da Silva; Juan F. Bermúdez; Armando Ferreira; Guillermo Matas; Ana Neira and Jésus Pérez - PESCIGRE2005-000059.PDF


Session 2b - Tariffs and Pricing in an Integrated Operating System (Chair: Ross Baldick, The University of Texas at Austin)

  • 211 - Transmission Fees in a Multi - Service / Multi - TSO Interconnection Jean Constantinescu - PESCIGRE2005-000011.PDF
  • 212 - Financial Impacts of Congestion Relief Measures Under Different Congestion Management Schemes Cherry Yuen; Qianjin Liu and Jiuping Pan - PESCIGRE2005-000035.PDF
  • 214 - Model for Area Price Determination and Congestion Management in Joint Power Markets Kjetil Uhlen; Leif Warland and Ove S. Grande - PESCIGRE2005-000039.PDF
  • 216 - State-of-the-Art of Electricity Price Forecasting Guang Li; Chen-Ching Liu; Jacques Lawarree; Massimo Gallanti and Andrea Venturini - PESCIGRE2005-000041.PDF


Session 3 - Operations for Congestion (Chair: Sture Larsson, SVK)

  • 301 - Congestion Management: The System Operators Challenge to Balance Transmission Transfer Capacity with an Acceptable Security Level Ole Gjerde; Juan Bogas; Al DiCaprio; Olav Bjarte Fosso; Saulo Cisneiros and Maarit Uusitalo - PESCIGRE2005-000053.PDF
  • 302 - Economical Assessment of Transmission Congestion Relieving Technique for Bilateral Electricity Transaction Naoki Wakuta; Ryoichi Hara; Tsutomu Oyama; Kenji Okada and Ikuo Kurihara - PESCIGRE2005-000052.PDF 
  • 305 - Reliability and Cost Analysis of Interconnected Power Systems with Jointly Owned Generating Units Operating in a Market Environment Evangelos N. Dialynas; Dimitrios Michos and Dimitrios J. Papakammenos - PESCIGRE2005-000014.PDF


Session 4a - Experiences with Congestion Management I (Chair: Alain Taccoen, RTE-France)

  • 401 - A Regulatory View on Market Integration and Cross Border Congestion Management Paul Giesbertz; H.M. de Jong and J.C. van der Lippe - PESCIGRE2005-000013.PDF
  • 402 - Risks and Risk Management for Competitive Electricity Markets, Report from CIGRE TF C5-2.02 Svein Storstein Pedersen and Birger Mo - PESCIGRE2005-000046.PDF
  • 403 - Coordinated Auction Project in Central Europe Pavel Solc - PESCIGRE2005-000070.PDF
  • 404 - Analysis System for Real Time Management of Congestions in Bulk Transmission Systems Vasiliy Nechataev; Gerhard Krost; Joachim Vanzetta and Michael Rogge - PESCIGRE2005-000040.PDF
  • 405 - Congestion Management Techniques in the UK and US - Approaches and Results Mary-Ellen Paravalos; Mark Brackley and Graham Hathaway - PESCIGRE2005-000044.PDF
  • 406 - Competition Market in Power Industry, a Microeconomic Aspect, the Case of Iran Qumars Heidari - PESCIGRE2005-000031.PDF


Session 4b - Experiences with Congestion Management II (Chair: Joseph Willson, PJM)

  • 411 - Addressing Grid Issues in Transitional Deregulated Systems Alberto Ramirez Orquin and Vanessa Ramirez - PESCIGRE2005-000015.PDF
  • 412 - Congestion Management Within the Australian National Electricity Market Gregory H. Thorpe - PESCIGRE2005-000063.PDF
  • 413 - Congestion Management Methodologies: Iberian Electricity Transmission Grid Pedro M. Casalou Torres and Rui J.O. Nobrega Pestana - PESCIGRE2005-000034.PDF
  • 414 - Towards the Implementation of a Co-Ordinated Congestion Management Mechanism on the Spanish-French Interconnection: A Joint TSO Approach Luis Imaz Monforte; Maria Luisa Llorens Casado; Antonio López-Nicolas Baza; Yves Harmand; Jean-Gabriel Valentin and Juan R. Pérez - PESCIGRE2005-000065.PDF
  • 415 - Managing Cross-Border Congestion in a European Market Environment: The French Case Jean-Gabriel Valentin; Jean-Marie Coulondre; Juan R. Pérez and Dimitrios Chaniotis - PESCIGRE2005-000064.PDF


Session 5 - Information Technology (Chair: Erik Sandström, Vattenfall)

  • 501 - Document Exchange Between Market Participants. The ETSO Solution for the Internal Electricity Market in Europe Maurizio Monti - PESCIGRE2005-000005.PDF
  • 502 - Integration of SCADA in the Information System Srdjan M. Dragojlovic and Olivera T. Milenkovic - PESCIGRE2005-000008.PDF
  • 503 - From Real-Time Data to a Power Network Display: An EGAT-SCADA's Conceptual Design Thumanoon Paukatong; Jaturon Puangnak and Thipchai Luewan - PESCIGRE2005-000028.PDF
  • 504 - Optimization of Distributed Control Center Locations on Electrical Distribution System Pichit Jintagosonwit; Pichai Jintakosonwit and Naruemon Wattanapongsakorn - PESCIGRE2005-000022.PDF
  • 505 - Analyzing Utility Information System Architectures Using the Common Information Model Lars Nordström and Torsten Cegrell - PESCIGRE2005-000043.PDF
  • 506 - Cyber Security Erik Sandström and Joseph Weiss - PESCIGRE2005-000032.PDF
  • 507 - Data Exchange Issues Within the Power System Operation and Control Environment T. Kostic and N. Cukalevski - PESCIGRE2005-000036.PDF


Session 6a - Tools for Congestion I Chair: Edwin Liu, Nexant, Inc.

  • 601 - Corrective Congestion Management Based on Hierarchical Optimization Joerg Brosda and Edmund Handschin - PESCIGRE2005-000017.PDF
  • 602 - Identification of Transmission Line User and Congestion Management by Loop Flow Controllers Kenji Iba - PESCIGRE2005-000058.PDF
  • 603 - Practical Experience with the Utilization of the IPSO Optimization Software on the Belgian Grid System Karim Karoui; Horia Crisciu; Jozef Van Hecke and Emile Jottrand - PESCIGRE2005-000038.PDF
  • 604 - Market-Based Power Flow Control with Reduced Wide-Area Impact Henry Louie and Kai Strunz - PESCIGRE2005-000061.PDF
  • 605 - Congestion Management by Commitment & Dispatch in the Balancing Market Wladyslaw Mielczarski and George Anders - PESCIGRE2005-000069.PDF
  • 606 - Congestion Management in the Nordic Countries, Present Solutions and Evaluation of Possible Developments Ole Gjerde; Karl-Axel Karlsson; Ulrik Møller; Flemming Birck Pedersen and Jyrki Uusitalo - PESCIGRE2005-000054.PDF


Session 6b - Tools for Congestion II Chair: Colin Ray, CIGRE-UK/NGT

  • 611 - Using FACTS Devices to Resolve Congestions in Transmission Grids Gabriela Glanzmann and Göran Andersson - PESCIGRE2005-000018.PDF
  • 612 - Practicability of SPS Coordination in Market Environment for Impending UCTE-IPS/UPS Interconnection Andrey Grobovoy; Yury Grishin and Irina Kolosok - PESCIGRE2005-000081.PDF
  • 613 - Zonal Network Model of European Interconnected Electricity Network Konrad Purchala; Edwin Haesen; Leonardo Meeus and Ronnie Belmans - PESCIGRE2005-000060.PDF
  • 614 - Congestion Management at ETRANS Marc Emery; Andrei Karpatchev and Dmitri Tchoubraev - PESCIGRE2005-000029.PDF
  • 615 - Improving TSO's Coordination for Cross-Border Redispatch: A Discussion of Possible Approaches in the European Context Bogdan Marinescu; Jean-Marie Coulondre; Panagiota Tsamasphyrou and Jean-Yves Bourmaud - PESCIGRE2005-000050.PDF
  • 616 - Assessing the Impact of Transmission Rights on Market Power Using the Simulation Model ARES Peter Borre Eriksen; Frédérique Verrier and Panagiota Tsamasphyrou - PESCIGRE2005-000057.PDF

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Year: 2005


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