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Reference: SYMP_NEP_1997


NEPTUN: Impact of DSM, IRP and distributed generation on power systems



  • Brief review of the available technologies for DSM, storage and economical characteristics, experiences of application, strategic programs. It will then focus on how these issues impact on power sytem planning and operation and on IRP applicability, by trying to identify new strategies and business opportunities for the ESI.
  • Consideration of the possible new market of providing ancillary services (reserve, frequency, and voltage control etc) in connection with DSM and distributed generation applications.



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  • 100-01 Competition and coordination of electricity with other energy sources (to customers) for market shares and capital funds, security of the energy supply in the long term - Environmental considerations - Avantages
  • and problems of combined heat and power generations 
  • 100-02 Dutch lRP cooperation results in cost effective approach
  • 100-03 Integrated resource planning in the energy sector : Polish experience
  • 100-04 IRP in Croatia and its influence on power system
  • 100-05 Planification intégrée des ressources et développement des réseaux
  • 100-06 IRP - Experience of method development, legislation and implementation 
  • 100-07 Electricity IRP and its relevance in different business environments
  • 100-08 Coordination requirements for multiple decision-makers in the transmission access environment
  • 100-09 Least cost supply study provides relevant information for the evaluation of demand side activities
  • 100-10 Towards an IRP oriented energy utility ? 


Subsession 2.1

  • 210-01 Demand side management efficient lighting "case study of an administrative building" 
  • 210-02 The promotion of DSM in China
  • 210-03 IRP Benelux study about energy efficient lighting in the tertiary sector
  • 210-04 DSM Thailand
  • 210-05 Contribution from end-users to permit increased utilisation of the transmission system in Norway
  • 210-06 Future DSM serves sustainability 


Subsession 2.2

  • 220-01 Optimal dynamic load shedding policy for generation load imbalances including voltage and frequency characteristics of loads
  • 220-02 New demand side technologies and their impacts on power system planning 
  • 220-03 Load management in distribution systems 
  • 220-04 About special protection as part of the national electrical energetic system
  • 220-05 About load management as part of the national electrical energetic system 
  • 220-06 Concilier maîtrise de la demande d'électricité (MDE) et qualité de tension : l'exemple de développement des produits électrodomestiques



  • 300-01 Decomposition technique for optimum operating strategies for large distribution networks
  • 300-02 Self-tuning co-ordinated control of frequency and voltage of wind-diesel power generation systems
  • 300-03 Influence of dispersed generation on networks reliability 
  • 300-04 Expert system for optimising the production and stockage of hydroelectric power generation
  • 300-05 Ancillary services: how to allocate costs in an optimization-based framework
  • 300-06 Impact of increasing wind generation on the transmission system in the republic of Ireland
  • 300-07 Multi-attribute evaluation of dis tributed generators in deregulated power system
  • 300-08 Protection of distributed generation current practice
  • 300-09 Wind power in the Danish power system 
  • 300-10 Stockage d'énergie dans les postes sources: méthodologie et premiers résultats 
  • 300-11 Dispersed CHP units in the Danish power system
  • 300-12 Issues, impacts and strategies for distributed generation challenged power systems
  • 300-13 Dynamic security assessment in competitive environment : analysis tools and security criteria
  • 300-14 Consequences of high wind power penetration in large autonomous power systems
  • 300-15 Probabilistic assessment of the impact of dispersed wind generation on power system performance

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Year: 1997



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