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MONTREAL: Quality and Security of Electric Power Delivery Systems



The purpose of the Symposium is to explore the issues related to the quality of service provided by electric power delivery systems and how these systems need to be designed and operated to ensure a secure and robust service.


The Symposium is organized in a Plenary session and in 8 sessions dedicated to the following subjects:


  • System Frequency and Stability
  • PowerQualityand System Security Indices
  • Power Quality Disturbance Mitigation (2 sessions)
  • System Operation and Protection in today's Market (2 sessions)
  • Dispersed Generation
  • Monitoring and Characterizing System Performance



Session I: System Frequency and Stability - Facilitator: Prabha Kundur (Canada; chairman, CIGRE SC C4 on System Technical Performance; chairman, IEEE-PES Power System Dynamic Performance Committee)

  • 101 Overview on Definition and Classification of Power System Stability 
  • 103 Experiences with and Perspectives of the System for Wide Area Monitoring of Power Systems
  • 104 Full-scale Experiment in the Siberian Interconnected Power System
  • 106 System Control of Large Scale Wind Power by Use of Automatic Generation Control (AGC)


Session II: Power Quality and System Security Indices - Facilitator: Rao Thallam (USA; member, Technical Organizing Committee)

  • 201 Recommending Power Quality Indices and Objectives in the Context of an Open Electricity Market 
  • 202 Voltage-Sag Indices - Recent Developments in IEEE P1564 Task Force 
  • 203 Geographic Generalization of Limited Voltage Sag Monitoring Data
  • 204 The Reporting of Distribution Power Quality Surveys
  • 205 Basic Grid Performance Standards Management - Concepts and Procedures
  • 206 Implementation of Indices in the Control Center, in Order to Prevent a Degrading Voltage Robustness of the Power Network During Load Variations


Session IIIA: Power Quality Disturbance Mitigation - Facilitator: Erich Gunther (USA; member, Technical Organizing Committee)

  • 301 Overview of Revisions to IEEE Standard 519-1992
  • 302 Measurement System for Harmonic Impedance of the Network and Validation Steps
  • 303 Harmonic Mitigation Potential of a Resistive Shunt Harmonic Impedance in Correlation with its Placement along a Distribution Feeder
  • 305 Experience with Controlled Switching Systems (CSS) Used for Shunt Capacitor Banks: Planning, Studies and Testing Accordingly with CIGRE A307 Working Group Guidelines
  • 306 A State of the Art STATCON for Instantaneous VAr Compensation and Harmonic Suppression to Enhance Power Quality


Session IIIB: Power Quality Disturbance Mitigation - Facilitator: Mark McGranaghan (USA; vice-chairman, IEEE Power Quality Standards Coordinating Committee SCC-22)

  • 308 Static Var Compensators (SVC) Required to Solve the Problem of Delayed Voltage Recovery Following Faults in the Power System of the Saudi Electricity Company, Western Region (SEC-WR)
  • 309 Dynamic Voltage Regulator with Solid State Switched Tap Changer
  • 310 Power Quality and Improvement of the Performance in Electricity Distribution System
  • 311 Methods and Procedures Requirements for Monitoring and Improvement of Supply Quality in Hungary
  • 312 Economic Analysis of Implementing Novel Power Distribution Automation


Session IVA: System Operation and Protection in Today's Market - Facilitator: Sture Larsson (Sweden; chairman, CIGRE SC C2 on System Operation and Control)

  • 402 A New Vision for Transmission Operation and Planning Under an Open Power Market
  • 403 Research on System Security Coordination Problem in Multi-Level Electricity Market
  • 404 A Hybrid Approach of Contingency Screening for ATC Assessment with Stability Constraints
  • 405 Frequency Control Practices in Market Environments 
  • 406 Assessment of Transmission Congestion for Venezuelan Power System 


Session IVB: System Operation and Protection in Today's Market - Facilitator: Michel Armstrong (Canada; member, Technical Organizing Committee)

  • 407 Use of IEC 61850 Object Models for Power System Quality/Security Data Exchange (invited)
  • 408 Unbounded System Model Allows Robust Communication Infrastructure for Power Quality Measurement and Control
  • 409 System Restoration in a Liberalised Environment (Human Operators' Aspects) (invited)
  • 410 Multi-Scenario Cascading Failure Analysis Using TRELSS
  • 411 Brazilian Defense Plan Against Extreme Contingencies 
  • 412 Flexible Support for Operators in Restoring Bulk Power Systems (invited)


Session V: Dispersed Generation - Facilitator: Angelo Invernizzi (Italy; chairman, CIGRE SC C6 on Distribution Systems and
Dispersed Generation)

  • 501 Impact and Benefits of Distributed Wind Generation on Quality and Security in the Case of the Cretan EPS Thales
  • 502 The Impact of Dispersed Power Generation in Distribution Systems
  • 503 The Effect of Dispersed Generation on Power Quality in Distribution System
  • 504 Intention Islanding of Distributed Generation for Reliability Enhancement
  • 505 Hybrid Plant of Renewable Stochastic Source and Multi-Level Storage for Emission-Free Deterministic Power Generation

Session VI: Monitoring and Characterizing System Performance - Facilitator: Colin Ray (UK; chairman, CIGRE SC C1 on System Development and Economics)

  • 601 Extracting Value from Large Power Quality Monitoring Databases (invited)
  • 602 Differentiated Monitoring Strategies for Application in Large Electrical Networks
  • 604 Pilot Project for the Evaluation of the Sag Performance of some Brazilian Network Busbars 
  • 605 A Proposed Flicker Meter Test Protocol (invited)
  • 606 Regulation and Incentives for Improving Continuity of Supply: The Experience of Italy and a Comparison with Other EU Countries (invited)




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