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Reference: SYMP_LAU_1993


LAUSANNE: Power System Electromagnetic Compatibility



The aim of the symposium was to discuss problems of power system electromagnetic compatibility. In addition to being subject to interferences of external origin, electric power systems are also potential victims of disturbances generated within the power system itself. In the present context of increasing use of electronic and digital technologies in power systems, it is particularly important to discuss the issues involved and exchange knowledge at an international level. This symposium provided an international forum for discussion of all aspects of electromagnetic compatibility relevant to power systems. 


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  • 100-01 - Power system disturbance due to electric traction in India
  • 100-02 - Factors affecting the levels of harmonies in earth-fault currents in industrial networks
  • 100-03 - Perturbations générées par l'interaction appareil - réseau au débranchement des batteries multiples de condensateurs 
  • 100-04 - Caractérisation du rayonnement électromagnétique de la foudre et de son couplage sur un câble
  • 100-05 - Electromagnetic fields and current distributions in electric power substations subject to unbalance currents and phase-to-ground faults 
  • 100-06 - Frequency response of substations ground systems subject to lightning strikes 
  • 100-07 - A new approach for the improvement of the quality of service in MV network 
  • 100-08 - Analysis of lightning atthe Toronto CN tower and its vidnity 
  • 100-09 - Modeling of an EMP conducted environment 
  • 100-10 - Characteristics of indirect electrostatic discharge



  • 200-01 - Coupling models for transient electromagnetic field disturbances on electric power systems 
  • 200-02 - Mitigation of AC voltages induced in pipelines paralleling electric transmission lines
  • 200-03 - Computation of transient fields in HV substations
  • 200-04 - Couplage champ à câble - Comparaison de trois théories 
  • 200-05 - Simulateur temporel pour la prédiction des perturbations sur une ligne produites par une onde plane incidente transitoire 
  • 200-06 - CAD-finite element calculation modelling of the field under a high voltage line 
  • 200-07 - Response of multiconductor power lines to indirect close lightning strokes 
  • 200-08 - Image representation of propagation of transients on overhead transmission lines
  • 200-09 The problem of earthing in the extreme climate conditions: electric properties of the ground (Review of the present state of the problem)



  • 300-01 - A new technique to compute the voltage rise of a substation grounding grid 
  • 300-02 - Etude théorique de la susceptibilité de lignes aériennes multifilaires haute tension à une onde électromagnétique plane impulsionelle
  • 300-03 - Calculation of HEMP-induced overvoltages in air-insulated substations
  • 300-04 - Models for predicting electromagnetic interference from corona on power lines 
  • 300-05 - High frequency coupling among buried electrodes
  • 300-06 - Lightning indirect-stroke surge voltages on concentrated groundings
  • 300-07 - EMP induced effects on powerlines protected by surge arresters
  • 300-08 - Electromagnetic fields generated by transients of grounding grids 
  • 300-09 - Lightning induced voltages on distribution lines: impact on distribution transformers 
  • 300-10 - Analysis of transient electromagnetic fields ingas- insulated substations



  • 400-01 - Compensation of transients in secondary circuits in HV substations
  • 400-02 - Statistic analysis of electrified railway radio noise and a new measure of anti-interference
  • 400-03 - Reduction of harmonie disturbances introduced by power rectifiers in HV/MV substations with power factor correction capacitor banks
  • 400-04 - Prédiction de l'environnement électromagnétique transitoire d'un poste de transformation à haute tension 
  • 400-05 - Transient electromagnetic disturbances and potential rises caused by capacitor switching in powersubstations
  • 400-06 - Control strategies of fast harmonie compensators and their compensation characteristics
  • 400-07 - Analyse de la perturbation harmonique sur les réseaux de transport 
  • 400-08 - Protecting electric power systems from DC ground potential gradients
  • 400-09 - Radiated electromagnetic disturbances generated by transmission lines and high speed trains in Spain
  • 400-10 - Evaluation of the non-linear consumer contribution to distorsion of the sinusoïdal voltage in the point of common coupling of power system
  • 400-11 - Mitigation of electromagnetic disturbances in ENEL substations and control centres 



  • 500-01 - Digital dynamic identification of power systems sub- harmonies based on least absolute value
  • 500-02 - Compatibilité électromagnétique dans les postes électriques d'Hydro-Québec 
  • 500-03 - Mesure des transitoires rapides dans un poste 110/16 kV 
  • 500-04 - Induced overvoltages in low voltage power installations caused by lightning electromagnetic impulses
  • 500-05 - Measurement results of transient overvoltages in secondary circuits in HV outdoor substations in Yugoslavia 
  • 500-06 - Electromagnetic interference with control equipment byswitching surges in GIS-Cable system
  • 500-07 - Measurement of fast transients in HV substations
  • 500-08 - Limitation of harmonic emission in networks with low short circuit power 
  • 500-09 - Monitoring power quality on distribution systems in the US : a national survey 
  • 500-10 - Robot performance evaluations during EMC tests 
  • 500-11 - EMC testing experience and related corrective actions adopted on uninterruptible power supplies



  • 600-01 - Electromagnetic characteristic of low voltage power installations
  • 600-02 - Influence of magnetic fields of computer screens and possible methods to correct it 
  • 600-03 - Perturbation de liaison de télécommunication par des courants transitoires sur des lignes électriques parallèles 
  • 600-04 - The impact of high voltage dips on adjustable speed drives
  • 600-05 - EMC design criteria of substation control systems
  • 600-06 - L'impact électromagnétique des lignes électriques à haute tension sur l'environnement. Aspects statistiques et pratiques 
  • 600-07 - Différentes protections contre les champs magnétiques à 50 Hz générés dans les ouvrages électriques
  • 600-08 - Protection of electronics in high power installations ; theory, guidelines and demonstrations
  • 600-09 - End-use electromagnetic compatibility and its relation to power quality and electromagnetic fields
  • 600-10 - EM protection of remote control equipment in HV/EHV substations
  • 600-11 - An experimental approach to select EMI filters

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Year: 1993


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