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Reference: SYMP_IGU_2001


IGUACU : Gas and Electricity networks: complementarity or competition?



With the increase in the use of gas for power generation the question of complementarity and competition between gas and electricity networks could shape the future of energy companies.


The objectives of the Symposium are:


  • compare gas utilization with other primary energy
  • which optimal location of generation
  • compare large and dispersed generation
  • which cooperation between gas and electricity
  • what mid term perspectives for development of networks


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End Use Perspectives


  • A-01 Open market customer- Ready to respond to converging gas and electricity industries C.W. GELLINGS (United States)
  • A-02 Changing from electrical energy to natural gas in significant residential and commercial applications A.FOSSA- E. PIERROBOM NETO - J.J.CHAGURI (Brazil)
  • A-03 Natural gas application in replacement for wood and electricity of ceramics furnaces - A technica-l economical viability study N.F. DA SILVA - J.A. SANTORO MARTINS- G. A. FARIA DE QUEIROZ- K.M. N. DEC.CANELLA -J. TADEU F.  NERI (Brazil)
  • A-04 Perspectives relatives à l'utilisation finale des deux énergies gaz/électricité en Algérie. N. KHALDOUN- F. HASSAINI - N. KASMI (Algérie)




Electricity Generation from gas



  • B-01 Integrated operation planning of gas-fired cogeneration systems P. HACKLÂNDER - J.F. VERSTEGE (Germany)
  • B-02 Electricity supply project in Roppongi area (Tokyo) and new technology incorporated in urban power plant K. YAMAMOTO (Japan)
  • B-03 Optimized biogas reactor dynamics increase renewable energy competitiveness A.A. ACHILLES - B. BUCKI WASSERMAN (Argentina) 
  • B-04 Distributed generation : will the gas network compete with the electric grid ? C. CAHEN (France)
  • B-05 Analysis on mitigation effect of CO2 emission by introduction of alternative energy supply systems in urban area. H. AKI - T. OYAMA - K. TSUJI (Japan)
  • B-06 Development of natural gas reservoir as to its quantity and location. J. M. KANG - J. ROH - H. PARK - J.K. PARK (Korea)
  • B-07 Present condition and future perspective of gas utilization in Kansai Electric Power. T. TAKANO - M. YAGI- S. UEOKA (Japan)
  • B-08 Electricity generation from gas - a preliminary feasibility study for a hotel G.A. FARIA DE QUEIROZ - J. A. SANTORO MARTINS (Brazil)
  • B-09 The development of micro-eco-turbo gas-turbine generators and their energy management system. H.
  • B-10 Advances in distributed generation technologies S.BERNSTEIN (USA)





Gas and Electrical Networks : Inter-relations at the planning stage



  • C-01 Safety procedures for joint PTT'S gas pipeline and EGAT's transmission line in Thailand K. PETCHSANTHAD (Thailand)
  • C-02 Medium term market analysis with emphasis on the synergy between electricity and gas system S. HECQ - E. JANSSENS (Belgium)
  • C-03 Impact of critical situations in gas supply on reliability of electric power system operation 


  • C-04 Energy distribution systems with multiple energy carriers B.H.BAKKEN - M. M. BELSNES - J.ROYNSTRAND (Norway)
  • C-05 A gas and electric network model for economic dispatch and reliability of a power system O. MOYA (Chile)
  • C-06 Gas thermal plants in hydro-dominated systems: assessment of the optimum PPA oontracts level A.C.G. DE MELO - X. VIEIRA FILHO - M.E.P. MACEIRA - E.N. MESQUITA - R.P. CALDAS - A.C.C. PINHEL- L.L. GOMES - A.M. OLIVEIRA (Brazil)
  • C-07 Gas power plants : the impact of the fuel contracts in the financial risk. M.L.V. LISBOA - L.L. GOMES - R.C. TORRES - R. P. CALDAS (Brazil)

  • C-08 Complementarity between gas and electrical networks. S. MAJITHIA - M. HARFORD (United Kingdom)




System operation Co-ordination 



  • D-01 Tracing components of nodal prices in electric power systems. H. SAITO - H. SUZUKI - T. WACHI - L. CHEN (Japan)
  • D-02 Full cost account for electricity from gas or hydroelectric J.H. BOARATI - L.C. RIBEIRO GALVAO - M.E. MORALES UDAETA (Brazil)
  • D-03 Thermal plant management in competitive hydrothermal systems : an integrated approach J.M. ORTEGA - M. MOROZOWSKI (Brazil)
  • D-04 Valuating back up contracts of gas thermal plants in hydrothermal systems A.C.G. MELO - X.VIEIRA FILHO - M.E.P. MACEIRA - E.N MESQUITA -R.P. CALDAS - A. PINHEL - L.L GOMES - A.M. OLIVEIRA - R. TORRES - D. JARDIM (Brazil)?




Regulation of Gas and electricity market 


  • E-01 The Mexican electric system : generation and transmission expansion planning and restructuring activities R. CRISTERNA - C. FUENTES - M.A. AVILA (Mexico)
  • E-02 Evaluation of energy supply options in Venezuela - Deregulation of the gas and electricity industries C.A. DORTOLINA - J. A. MARTINEZ (Brazil)
  • E-03 Managing risks in the integrated gas / electricity brazilian market M.F. MEIRELES - M. SZECHTMAN - J.TRINKENREICH - M.V.F.PEREIRA - S. GRANVILLE -­ (Brazil) - E. FERNANDEZ (Argentina)






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