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Reference: SYMP_GUI_2009


GUILIN: Operation and Development of Power Systems in the New Context



The set includes the 60 papers presented and discussed, covering the followings topics:


  • Market Models
  • System Operation
  • System Development Issues
  • General Issues: environment, economy 

I. OPENING SESSION - Chairman: R. Li (Mrs) - Rapporteur : J. Kowal

  • 001 Intermittent generation - operationally acceptable levels and the impact on system and market
  • 002 Interdependencies of electricity markets with gas markets – a case study of transmission system operators
  • 003 Benchmarking : a challenge for TSOs and for regulators
  • 004 The importance of customer satisfaction and good reputation for grid operators


I a. EXAMPLES OF UTILITY STRUCTURES - Chairman: X. Lei - Rapporteur : A. Taccoen

  • 101 Challenges of the Brazilian electricity sector in search of efficiency – a new vision - and prospective relationships between federal utilities and new companies in the Brazilian transmission system
  • 102 The Australian electricity system – sustaining the future 
  • 103 Long-term grid expansion: Spanish plan 2030
  • 104 Quality and reliability of electricity supply – the role of the regulators and the authorities on the liberalized electricity market
  • 105 System reliability versus free electricity market 
  • 106 The energy status and planning in China

I b. SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT 1 - Chairman: H. Okamoto - Rapporteur : D. Bones

  • 111 Transmission capacity investments: a five-step process for cost-benefit and risk management analysis
  • 112 Transmission planning in the Chilean electricity market
  • 113 Expo Milano 2015: Grid planning and synergies for developing metropolitan transmission grid
  • 114 Determination and analysis of load cases for transmission systems planning
  • 115 Different reliability aspects for planning of local 110 kV grid
  • 116 A study on improving power supply capability for 500/220 kV power system in JIANGSU Province


  • 121 Unbundling models for TSO activities –normative principles and practical application
  • 122 The role of merchand and regulated interconnectors in the European power market 
  • 123 Development of a congestion management scheme in the Netherlands
  • 124 Ancillary Services: Updated Review of International Practices - WG C5-6 report
  • 125 Ancillary Services in France
  • 126 Ancillary services: the Brazilian experience
  • 127 Generation rights trade model and its applications based on energy-saving and emission-reducing

II b. SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT 2 - Chairman: O. Lavoine - Rapporteur : S. Lan

  • 131 For a coordination of the power system operation in Europe
  • 132 Planning and operation of inter-regional interconnections after the electricity liberalization in Japan
  • 133 Evaluation of transmission congestion cost for multi-area electric power systems
  • 134 Power sector in Africa: situation and prospects
  • 135 Approaches to generation dispatch in transmission planning
  • 136 Contract optimisation and market operation – A generator’s perspective


  • 141 The grid code and the operation costs of connection facilities in Kepco
  • 142 Grid code – a way to guarantee system security
  • 143 Impacts of transmission/grid code on the planning of systems
  • 144 Impact on market designs on generation adequacy
  • 145 The Japanese electricity market: a generation prospective
  • 146 Renewable energy - Market integration 

III b. SYSTEM ANALYSIS - Chairman: B. Joo-Cheon - Rapporteur : W. Xiaochen

  • 151 Variation of operational reliability of power transmission system
  • 152 Experience of validating the oscillatory characteristics in northwest grid
  • 153 Advanced power system models for transient stability analysis
  • 154 Inter-area power exchange coordination in the large-scale power systems
  • 155 The definition and application of multi-infeed short circuit / ratio for AC/DC power systems
  • 156 Reliability analysis of bulk power system with an UHVDC connection
  • 157 Brazilian power system probabilistic reliability assessment - Planning studies

IV a. ASSET MANAGEMENT - Chairman: S. Lianjun - Rapporteur : E. Rijks

  • 161 Asset management for electrical systems in the Third World
  • 162 The ideas of establishment of transformer replacement plan based on risk management
  • 163 Risk assessment based maintenance management for electric equipment
  • 164 Risk management in asset management processes
  • 165 CRADLE – A new asset management technology being developed in China
  • 166 Maintenance management in an electric power transmission company - Key technical indicators

IV b. SYSTEM SECURITY - Chairman: O. Fosso - Rapporteur : B. Li

  • 171 Research of short-term large-disturbance voltage stability in receiving-end grid
  • 172 Security indexes for power system security assessment 
  • 173 Risk assessment of transient voltage instability
  • 174 Risk assessment for operations in the Portuguese transmission system - The key issues for the probability of contingencies
  • 176 Wide area IP-based EMS/SCADA system flexible on grid operational structure reform under deregulation environment

V a. SUSTAINABILITY, ENVIRONMENT, WIND INTEGRATION - Chairman: M. Armstrong - Rapporteur : L. Bryans

  • 181 Redefining sustainability in the electric power distribution context
  • 182 Researching on relationship between electrical power market and energy-saving generation dispatch
  • 183 Reactive power planning in distribution power system with wind generator
  • 184 Quantifying the benefits of distributed generation in the UK including the impact of energy policy
  • 185 Implementation of an eco-design methodology in AREVA T&D
  • 187 New challenges on wind power operation and control in China

V b. SYSTEM CONTROL - Chairman: Z. Boming - Rapporteur : J. Vanzetta

  • 191 A novel automatic voltage control on large power system
  • 192 Coordinated control of a multi-terminal HVDC transmission system for integrating large offshore wind farms
  • 193 Application of electric power alarming and coordinated control system in Jiangsu power grid
  • 194 Korean wide-area monitoring system for maintaining real time voltage stability of metropolitan region in Korea using PMU measurements
  • 195 Coordinated voltage control between CVC (continuous voltage control) and DVC (discrete voltage control) to
    enhance voltage stability in Jeju power system 
  • 196 An improved association rules mining algorithm in fault diagnosis expert system of power system

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Year: 2009


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