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Reference: SYMP_CAL_2009


CALGARY : CIGRE/PES - Integration of Wide Scale Renewable Resources into the Power Delivery System



This set includes the 60 papers presented and discussed, which cover the following:


  • National experiences with wind power
  • Impact of wind generation on planning
  • Rules for connection of wind generation; grid codes
  • Impact on operation: Forecasting wind generation; Stability, control
  • Research, fields and labs; Modelling and simuation; Microgrids
  • Economics on integrating renewables renewables and other general issues 


1. OPENING SESSION - Rapporteur: M. Rashwan

  • 001 Grid Integration of Wind Generation - 09CIGREPES0073
  • 003 Spanish experience in the integration of wind and solar energy into the electric power system - 09CIGREPES0067
  • 004 General Economics of Renewable Integration - 09CIGREPES0009
  • 005 21st Century Transmission Planning: The Intersection of Engineering, Economics and Environment - 09CIGREPES0074


1.1 NATIONAL EXPERIENCES - Rapporteur: Tom Key

  • 111 Case Study for the Integration of 12 GW Wind Power in the Dutch Power System by 2020 - 09CIGREPES0081
  • 112 Estimation of capacity credit in Finland - Different methods for different use - 09CIGREPES0060
  • 114 Integration of DG in MV-grids: Challenges encountered by the grid operator - 09CIGREPES0045
  • 115 Integration of the Wind Farms into the Romanian Power System - 09CIGREPES0028
  • 116 Study on Integration and Transmission of Large Scale Wind Power in JiuQuan Area Gansu Province China - 09CIGREPES0002
  • 117 Optimal network congestion management using wind farms - 09CIGREPES0030


  • 122 System Development Issues Concerning Integration of Wind Generation in Great Britain - 9CIGREPES0027
  • 123 Impact of Wind Generation Intermittency on Transmission Expansion Models - 09CIGREPES0077
  • 124 Risk-Based Dynamic TTC Calculation in a Deregulated Power System with a Large Penetration of Wind Power Generation - 09CIGREPES0039
  • 125 Power regulation resources required by wind power in Finland and regulation characteristics of power plants - 09CIGREPES0031
  • 126 Realistic calculation of wind generation capacity credits - 09CIGREPES0013

1.3 STABILITY & CONTROL - Rapporteur: D. Jacobson

  • 132 Wind energy converters with FACTS Capabilities for optimized integration of wind power into transmission and distribution systems - 09CIGREPES0057
  • 133 EHV AC and HVDC Transmission Working Together to Integrate Renewable Power - 09CIGREPES0080
  • 135 Voltage Stabilization for Wind Generation Integration in Western Texas Grid - 09CIGREPES0025
  • 136 Effective Voltage and Frequency Control Strategy for a Stand-Alone System with Induction Generator/Fuelcell/Ultracapacitor - 09CIGREPES0043

1.4 ENERGY MANAGEMENT - CONTROL - Rapporteur: M. Armstrong

  • 141 Synchronous island control with significant contribution from wind power generation - 09CIGREPES0020
  • 142 Impact of wind turbine controller strategy on deloaded operation - 09CIGREPES0051
  • 143 Ancillary services for renewable integration - 09CIGREPES0082
  • 144 Congestion management in transmission systems with large scale integration of wind energy - 09CIGREPES0038


  • 151 Balancing Availability, Reliability and Future Regulatory Impact Against Overall Project Capex for Offshore Wind Farms - 09CIGREPES0050
  • 152 Effects of increasing wind power penetration on the physical operation of large electricity market systems - 09CIGREPES0018 
  • 153 Incorporating distributed generation in the energy contracting strategy in a regulated environment - 09CIGREPES0063
  • 154 Assessing the benefits of wind power curtailment in a hydrodominated power system - 09CIGREPES0075
  • 155 Insertion of Distributed Generation into Rural Feeders - 09CIGREPES0034
  • 156 Manitoba Hydro Wind Power Reserve Requirements - 09CIGREPES0065

2.1 EXPERIENCES- FIELD & LABS - Rapporteur: R. Dugan

  • 211 Overview of the CERTS Microgrid Laboratory Test Bed - 09CIGREPES0021
  • 212 Analysis of data obtained in demonstration test about battery energy storage system to mitigate output fluctuation of wind farm - 09CIGREPES0019
  • 214 Field experience of Power Frequency Overvoltages in Wide-Scale Photovoltaic Systems - 9CIGREPES0036
  • 215 Integration of DER into power system operation through Virtual Power Plant concept applied for voltage regulation - 09CIGREPES0015

2.2 PROTECTION - FAULT RIDE-THROUGH - Rapporteur: S. Salem

  • 221 Differential ROCOF Relay for Loss-of-Mains Protection of Renewable Generation using Phasor Measurement over Internet Protocol - 09CIGREPES0010
  • 222 The impacts and countermeasures of distribution relay protection with wind power connected - 09CIGREPES0011
  • 223 On the Compatibility of Fault Location Approaches and Distributed Generation - 09CIGREPES0017
  • 224 Dynamic Line Rating Protection for Wind Farm Connections - 09CIGREPES0047
  • 226 Grid Integration of Wind Energy Converter – Experiences of Measurements and Status Quo of Certification Procedures - 09CIGREPES0084
  • 227 Effect of Grid Disturbances on Fault-Ride-Through Behaviour of MV-connected DG-units, in especially CHP-plants - 09CIGREPES0046

2.3 MODELLING & SIMULATION - Rapporteur: R. Iravani

  • 232 A P-Q capability chart approach to characterise grid connected PV-units - 09CIGREPES0041
  • 233 Probabilistic Methods for Renewable Energy Sources and Associated Electrical Loads for Southern African Distribution Systems - 09CIGREPES0054
  • 234 Method for Studying and Mitigating the Effects of Wind Variability on - 09CIGREPES0062
  • 235 Optimised Autonomous Power System - 09CIGREPES0070


2.4 MICROGRIDS - Rapporteur: R. Wakefield

  • 241 Added Value of Reliability to a Microgrid: Simulations of Three California Buildings - 09CIGREPES0064
  • 242 Protection of Microgrids with a High Penetration of Inverter-Coupled Energy Sources - 09CIGREPES0026
  • 243 Optimal Control and Management of Distributed Generation Units in an Islanded MicroGrid - 09CIGREPES0012
  • 244 Operation of Dispersed Power Systems including Wind Farm in Micro Grid - 09CIGREPES0035
  • 246 BC Hydro Perspective on Distribution Islanding for Customer Reliability Improvement - 09CIGREPES0005


2.5 FORECASTING & STORAGE - Rapporteur: J. Oglevie

  • 251 Forecasting for Utility-Scale Wind Farms, The Power Model Challenge - 09CIGREPES0016
  • 252 Modeling Climate Parameters for Renewable Energy Applications in the UAE using Neural Networks - 09CIGREPES0056
  • 253 Wind power and photovoltaic prediction tools for balancing and grid operation - 09CIGREPES0055
  • 254 SAGIPE: A Real-Time Data Acquisition System for the Massive Integration of Wind Generation in Hydro-Québec’s Power System - 09CIGREPES0052
  • 255 Wind Farms with Energy Storages integrated at the Control Power Market - 09CIGREPES0037
  • 256 Electric Energy Storage and its Tasks in the Integration of Wide-Scale Renewable Resources - 09CIGREPES0078

3.0 GENERAL ISSUES -CONCLUSIONS - Rapporteur: N. Hatziargyriou

  • 301 Connection requirements and grid codes for distributed generation - 09CIGREPES0083
  • 302 Technical requirements for high-penetration wind: what system operators need, and what wind technology can deliver - 09CIGREPES0072
  • 303 How New Technology Developments Will Lower Wind Energy Costs - 09CIGREPES0008

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Year: 2009


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