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Reference: SYMP_CAI_2001


CAIRNS: Behaviour of electrical equipment and components in tropical environment



  • Stresses characteristic of tropical environments
  • Insulation aspects
  • Thermal and structural aspects
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Part of the CIGRE initiatives for scientific and technical exchanges undertaken so far in a number of countries 
  • Reflects the CIGRE endeavours to ever better respond to the needs of developing social-economical systems




  • 100-01 - Estimation of lightning performance of a 500kV transmission line in Thailand
  • 100-02 - Lightning performance of transmission lines in Malaysia
  • 100-03 - A case study on the lightning performance of a North Queensland transmission line
  • 100-04 - Powerlines in Midwestern Grassland plains of tropical North Queensland, the old and the new
  • 100-05 - Fires in mediterranean area and high voltage lines
  • 100-06 - Corrosion mapping of transmission lines in Queensland (Australia).
  • 100-07 - Lightning performance of HV transmission lines with insulated shield wire(s) energized at MV analysis and field experience


  • 200-01 - Chaotic surface discharge on porcelain housing of ZnO surge arrester under pollution
  • 200-02 - Effect of the discontinuous pollution layer conductivity on the flashover and leakage current characteristics
  • 200-03 - Investigation of influence of the dust grains on electric strength of HV insulating air gaps
  • 200-04 - Selection of suspension strings use of "V" string discarded in favour of "I" string (a case study conducted in India)
  • 200-05 - Field experience of the pollution related factors responsible for porcelain insulator failures as well as tripping and adoption of remedial measures in EHV transmission system in India
  • 200-06 - Temperature effects on sparkover and the density correction factor
  • 200-07 - Service experience with composite insulators under tropical climatic conditions in Malaysia
  • 200-08 - Surface discharges on composite polymer insulators
  • 200-09 - Recovery of hydrophobicity on silicone rubber surface for polymer insulator housing deposited with artificial pollutant
  • 200-10 - Transmission line route assessment for prospective bird damage to insulators
  • 200-11 - Effects of deposited charge on impulse test techniques for polymer insulators
  • 200-12 - MO-surge arresters in tropical environments - Natural stresses and artificial testing
  • 200-13 - Performance review of a 300 km, 132kV guyed monopole transmission line in the northern territory tropical zone
  • 200-14 - Experience with composite insulators under stringent atmospheric conditions
  • 200-15 - The requirements being applied in Russia, to dielectric strength of electrical equipment for tropical environment
  • 200-16 - Enhancement of the surface insulation performances by means of treatments and coatings
  • 200-17 - Correlation between natural and artificial pollution in marine and desert environment in Tunisia
  • 200-18 - Performance of different insulator designs in tropical environments and diagnostic possibilities


  • 300-01 - Instrument design for extreme environmental conditions. The SIEMENS's PD monitor for transformers
  • 300-02 - Standard HV circuit-breakers - even in tropical environments
  • 300-03 - Numerical simulation of stresses distribution in the transformer corrugated wall structure
  • 300-04 – Corrosion mechanism of insulators in tropical environment 
  • 300-05 - Recommendations to solve corrosion problem on HV insulator strings in tropical environment
  • 300-06 - High voltage outdoor SF6 circuitbreakers in tropical environments - A Manufacturer's perspective
  • 300-07 - Introduction of various type joints for EHV cable
  • 300-08 - High voltage switchgear and tropical environments
  • 300-09 - Structural design of subtransmission lines for a cyclonic environment
  • 300-10 - Benefits of non conventional instrument transformers in tropical environments
  • 300-11 - Lightning current test of the overhead ground wire with embedded optical fibers



  • 400-01 - Diagnostic of the performance of transmission line in design phase, under the action of atmospheric discharges with installation of ZnO surge arresters
  • 400-02 - Apport des travaux sous tension dans l'amélioration de la qualité de service
  • 400-03 - Importance de la thermographie dans la surveillance et le diagnostic des réseaux
  • 400-04 - The preventive diagnostic system for 765 kV substation in Korea
  • 400-05 - Behaviour of overhead-line conductors in tropical environments
  • 400-06 - Operational readiness strategy for transmission lines within cyclonic zone of North Queensland
  • 400-07 - Service ageing and monitoring of transformer insulation in tropical areas
  • 400-08 - Dynamic thermal rating system of overhead transmission lines using internet weather data
  • 400-09 - Design and maintenance of insulation for a North Queensland transmission line
  • 400-10 - Towards the in service monitoring on silicone housed surge arresters
  • 400-11 - Effect of load current on frequency response signatures of large power transformers
  • 400-12 - Life management of transformers - a Northern territory historical perspective
  • 400-13 - Improved asset life management and utilisation through thermal monitoring
  • 400-14 - Condition assessment of power transformers : recent experiences in CESI
  • 400-15 - Wooden pole lines in extreme climatic conditions in Dalmatia
  • 400-16 - Les techniques de travaux sous tension HT et THT à Sonelgaz
  • 400-17 - Incidents d'exploitation et avaries matériels
  • 400-18 - Maintenance scheduling of power transformer using Markov model
  • 400-19 - Availability and reliability performance of power transformer operation in tropical area using Markov

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Year: 2001


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