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Reference: SYMP_BOS_1987


BOSTON: AC/DC Transmission. Interactions and Comparisons



  • Discussion of methods of analysis and modelling related to the interaction between HVDC converter stations and their controls with their associated AC systems
  • Discussion of methods of application of static VAR compensators to meet stability and voltage requirements of AC/DC transmission systems
  • Comparison of the techniques, economics and reliability of AC and DC transmission systems


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  • 100-00 Special Report 
  • 100-01 New development of HVDC digital simulation
  • 100-02 Modelling of an HVDC system for digital simulation of AC/DC transmission interactions
  • 100-03 Modelling a double circuit line transmitting AC and DC on the same tower
  • 100-04 Evaluation of developments in DC models for AC/DC transient stability programs



  • 200-00 Special Report
  • 200-01 Special aspects of integrating the Ouernrohr HVDC  back-to-back link into the UCPTE and CMEA networks
  • 200-02 Interactions between the ltaipu HVDC transmission system and the 50 Hz/60 Hz systems : analysis, modelling and operational planning
  • 200-03 HVDC power transfer capability associated with AC receiving system's stability and means of improving integrated system performance
  • 200-04 Planification d'un grand réseau de transport - Interactions entre une ligne à courant continu et les lignes à courant alternatif
  • 200-05 Comparative performance of an HVDC transmission system with DC breakers for clearing DC line faults
  • 200-06 Kansai 500 kV system harmonies : present status and future AC/DC system design
  • 200-07 Stabilization of HVDC system operation, under the unbalanced AC system voltage
  • 200-08 Analysis of dynamic behaviors of HVDC system considering AC voltage wave distortion
  • 200-09 Itaipu HVDC transmission system-dynamic performance of bipole 1
  • 200-10 Effects of the HVDC transmission on the AC line protections
  • 200-11 Controllable AC/DC dynamics in the Western U.S. power system
  • 200-12 Control of temporary overvoltages in AC/DC systems by metaloxide overvoltage limiter
  • 200-13 The behaviour of the 2 000 MW DC link with England during faults affecting the French power system : on-site tests
  • 200-14 Impact of system parameters on non characteristic harmonies of HVDC transmission
  • 200-15 Characterization and control of harmonie overvoltages at HVDC stations
  • 200-16 The generation measurement and suppression of telephone interference on the Cahora Bassa HVDC transmission system
  • 200-17 Performances of AC/DC systems in case of parallel and series tapping feeding a very weak AC network
  • 200-18 Analysis of AC/DC system interactions using a large scale transient stability program
  • 200-19 DC alternative for the transmission from the Amazon basin : dynamic performance of the AC/DC Brazilian interconnected system during severe transients
  • 200-20 Interaction between DC and AC systems
  • 200-21 AC/DC interactions on the 2 000 MW UK-France (Cross Channel) HVDC link



  • 300-00 Special Report
  • 300-01 Application of advanced HVDC modulation techniques to large scale power systems 
  • 300-02 Measurement based optimal control of high voltage AC/DC systems
  • 300-03 The study of a control and protection system for nuclear power plants - The radial HVDC transmission system
  • 300-04 Aspects of the Uruguaiana frequency converter station system
  • 300-05 Stability improvement for AC/DC interconnected system by power system stabilizing method
  • 300-06 Advanced control methods and application for multi-terminal HVDC systems
  • 300-07 Control and protection aspects of multi-terminal DC systems 
  • 300-08 HVDC back-to-back inerties on weak AC systems - Second harmonie problems - Analyses and solutions
  • 300-09 Quebec-New England phase Il - HVDC transmission system part Il - Multiterminal control strategy for dynamic performance
  • 300-10 Quebec-New England phase Il - HVDC transmission system part 1 - Steady state multiterminal control strategy
  • 300-11 The application of minimal time control theory in DC modulation - Research of the Three-Gorges Hydro Project
  • 300-12 Vindhyachal HVDC project : HVDC control design for improved system stability 
  • 300-13 Dynamic performance study for the Vindhyachal back-to-back HVDC station
  • 300-14 Design of a modulation controller for stabilization of parai lei AC lines in the Rihand-Delhi HVDC transmission
  • 300-15 Automatic control of power systems with HVDC and HVAC transmission lines



  • 400-00 Special Report
  • 400-01 lmprovement of DC/weak AC system interactions with a new conversion and control scheme
  • 400-02 Application of static var compensator for AC/DC interconnected power system
  • 400-03 Application of static var compensators to a long-distance transmission system supplying static frequency converters
  • 400-04 Reactive power control in AC/DC systems by HVDC converter station 
  • 400-05 Reactive and DC power dispatch to minimize transmission lasses of an integrated AC/DC power system
  • 400-06 The use of thyristor-controlled static var compensators at HVDC converter stations
  • 400-07 An optimal reactive power controller for stringent var exchange requirement in an AC/DC network : design aspects
  • 400-08 Design and operation of the AC voltage and reactive power controllers for the Miles City and New England HVDC projects



  • 500-00 Special Report
  • 500-01 Comparison of costs and benefits for DC and AC transmission
  • 500-02 Comparison of AC and DC underground and submarine cable transmission systems
  • 500-03 Corona and field effects of AC and DC transmission lines in close proximity
  • 500-04 Reliability assessment of the IPP power delivery system 
  • 500-05 Comparisons between HVAC and HVDC systems in China
  • 500-06 Factors affecting AC and DC transmission system reliability and methods for assessing their influence
  • 500-07 Comparison of AC and DC transmission alternatives for the new East-West interconnection in Ontario
  • 500-08 Trends in techno-economic choice of HVDC projects in lndia

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Year: 1987


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