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Symposium Auckland - 2013



Electronic version of papers presented at the Auckland symposium




  • 111 - Overview of damages and restoration works of traction substation of Japanese high speed railway after the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake - H.Hayashiya, K.Matsuura, N.Koguchi, M.Onuki, S.Kikuchi, S.Sasaki, J.Saito, M.Kamata, H.Munakata, H.Sato, O.Okiyama (Japan)
  • 112 - Seismic damage situation of substation equipment caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake and future action - Ichiro Ohno, Tomoaki Ito, Takayuki Kobayashi (Japan)
  • 113 - Wire rope system for seismic protection of 420 kV circuit breaker - A. ALI’, M. Amoretti, A. Freddo, M. Rebolini, F. Sembiante (Italy)




  • 121 - Upgrading distribution assets in Oman. Extreme weather and environmental conditions - Upgrading and uprating of Transmission and Distribution assets - Dr J.B. Wareing (UK), H. Blad (Sweden), P. Kumar (Sultanate of Oman)
  • 122 - Assessment of risk from severe climatic events on existing overhead line networks - H. Hawes (Australia)
  • 123- Advanced monitoring system for minimizing wild fire impact on OHL networks - Hein Vosloo (South Africa)
  • 125 - Potential effects from global climate change on overhead electric power transmission networks- S. Fikke, B.E. Nygaard (Norway), H. Hawes (Australia)




  • 131 - Performance of buried high voltage power cables due to earthquake loads - John M. Eidinger, Leon Kempner (USA) 
  • 133 - Overview of damage and restoration of power poles of Japanese high speed railway from the great east japan earthquake - K.Sato, H.Hayashiya, K.Matsuura, T.Yamazaki, Y.Furuyama, S.Nasu (Japan)
  • 134 - Designing and building of 400Kv OHL in extremely difficult terrain conditions - Robert Czyz, Piotr Wojciechowski (Poland)
  • 135 - Full scale seismic testing on 380 kV latticed steel tower theoretical outline - Extreme weather and environmental conditions (heavy rain, humidity, seismic, etc.) - P. Berardi, A. Piccinin, A. Posati,
    M. Rebolini, F. Gatti, L. Mazza (Italy) 




  • 141 - Design and layout of AC-DC hybrid lines - C. Neumann, B. Rusek, S. Steevens, K.-H. Weck (Germany)
  • 142 - Ohmic coupling between AC and DC circuits on hybrid overhead lines - B. Rusek, C. Neumann, S. Steevens, U. Sundermann, K. Kleinekorte, J. Wulff, F. Jenau, K.-H. Weck (Germany)
  • 143 - High absolute humidity - How relevant is this Issue - For the design of air gaps in overhead transmission lines ? AA. Menezes, MHK. Fernandes, SMM. Felix, Al Tan, S. Anauate (Brazil)
  • 144 - New severe weather test site for OHL conductors and fittings - Extreme weather and environmental conditions - Upgrading and uprating of transmission and distribution assets - D.P. Horsman, Dr J.B WAREING (UK)
  • 145 - Tower head design for galloping based on New CIGRÉ criteria - David G. Havard (Canada) 
  • 146 - Investigation on deterioration of Composite insulator bushing exposed to HVDC for long duration- Mitsuru Toyoda, Masayuki Sato, Gen Sekino, Hiroshi Furuta,
    Toshiyuki Nakano, Yukio Kanazawa, Norimitsu Kato




  • 211 - ABT Meter data usage - Suhas C. Dhapare & Ajay V Potdar (India)
  • 212 - AMR interventions for asset management and customer services - Suhas C.Dhapare & Christopher Selvin (India)
  • 213 - Advanced grid solutions for the distribution networks - N. Puljic (New Zealand)
  • 214 - Lock-out logic diagram - New technique to reduce power outage analyzing time - Atthawut Kundee, Thanakrit Jamjumrus, Manu Pongkaew, Sunthorn Phramphithak (Thaïland) 
  • 215 - Smartening the power grid through operational monitoring of key smart grid components - Luca Fornasari, Andrea Cavallini, Gian Carlo Montanari (Italy)




  • 221 - Developing a 110/33-22-11 kV mobile substation for the New Zealand national grid - J. CHI, A Wells (New Zealand)
  • 222 - Asset renewal planning for secondary systems assets - P.D. Blackmore, D. Brannigan (NewZealand)
  • 223 - 220kV Extra high voltage (EHV) cable bridge crossings & the electromagnetic
    modelling of hazardous voltages - (New Zealand)
  • 224 - New tools for diagnostic measurements on rotating machines - Michael Krüger, Stefan Böhler (Austria), Maik Ufferhardt (New Zealand), Alan McGuigan (Australia)
  • 225 - Effective UG asset management to meet the changing requirements - R. Pillai, N.C Potphode, C.K Chitnis (india)




  • 231 - Improvement of maintenance for high voltage disconnectors and earthing switches through the application of FMEA - B. Rusek, C. Neumann, C. Protze (Germany)
  • 232 - Optimization of maintenance strategies for different asset groups - G. Balzer, I. Jeromin, M. Mathis (Germany)
  • 233 - Value at risk monitored  maintenance for extra high voltage assets - M. Fleckenstein, C. Neumann, G. Balzer (Germany)




  • 241 - Partial discharge measurement on HVDC components and installations - Michael Krüger (Austria), Kay Rethmeier (Germany), Maik Ufferhardt (New Zealand), Alan McGuigan (Australia)
  • 242 - Partial discharge measurement and monitoring on high voltage XLPE cables - Michael Krüger, Rene Hummel, Stefan Böhler (Austria), Maik Ufferhardt (New Zealand), Alan McGuigan (Australia)
  • 243 - Influence of rain on the switching impulse breakdown behaviour of post insulator with large electrode - L. Arevalo and D. Wu (Sweden) 
  • 244 - Influence of SF6 decomposition on the dielectric performance of equipment containing liquefied SF6 at low temperatures - E. Kynast; K. Juhre (Germany) 
  • 245 - Reducing SF6 emissions from norwegian high voltage equipment - results after ten years of efforts - M. Runde and M. Istad (Norway) 




  • 251 - Improvement of lifetime estimation of aged HV switchgear based on the consideration of applied technologies, design and conditions in service - Tomohiko Sato, Yasuhiro Tamakoshi, Kazuyoshi Takahashi, Takuya Otsuka, Tadao Minagawa, Haruhiko Kohyama (Japan) 
  • 252 - Survey and research on deterioration of 300 and 550 kV GCB - Y. Nakada, T. Watanabe, K. Takahashi, K. Iwabuchi, S. Ishizeki, K. Obayashi (Japan)
  • 253 - Life management aspects of MV air-blast circuit-breakers - A.L.J. Janssen, L.H. te Paske, R.P.P. Smeets (The Netherlands)
  • 255 - Use of controlled switchintg systems in power system to mitigate switching - transients. Trends and benefits – Brazilian experience - Lifetime management, asset management, maintenance techniques - P. C. Fernandez, J. F. Amon, C. R. Zani, P. C. V. ESsmeraldo (Brazil)





  • 261 - Condition assessment of aged transmission line joints and deadends for thermally uprated asset reliability - C. Wallace, M. Taylor (New Zealand)
  • 262 - Robotic repair of overhead ground wires using linescout technology on national grid’s network - S. Montambault,  N. Pouliot (Canada), M. Hannon (United Kingdom) 
  • 263 - Mechanising overhead power line inspections - T. Lorimer (South Africa)
  • 264 - OHL diagnosis and maintenance automation - Montalban, I. & Caballero, M. A. (Spain)





  • 271 - Transformer transient loading thermal model – A supplier perspective - Grant Wells
    Peter Stewart (Australia)
  • 272 - Utility risk managed approach to achieving improved static line ratings and the path to real-time ratings - J Smith, C Nolden, J Haddow, D Boyce (Australia)
  • 273 - Creep equations and elevated temperature data for 1120 AAAC conductors - M.J. Lee and V. Rouillard (Australia)
  • 275 - Detection, recording and removal of small defects on the transmission lines in the czech republic - J.STteinbauer, P.Spurny, V.Ambroz (Czech Republic)





  • 281 - Development of lifetime assessment technique of paper insulation in oil-immersed power transformers - Japan
  • 282 - Quick oil leakage repair method for oil-immersed equipment in substation - Y. Komatsu, T. Watanabe and K. Kawakita (Japan)
  • 283 - Laboratory study of mineral insulating oil gassing lifetime management, asset management, maintenance techniques stray gassing and DGA - M. Sterner, C. Wetterholm, B. Pahlavanpour and L. Bergeld, J. Nunes (Sweden, UK, Singapore, Brazil)
  • 284 - New experience in transformer diagnosis and fault finding - Michael Krüger (Austria), Maik Ufferhardt (NewZealand), Alan McGuigan (Australia)





  • 311 - The portuguese uprating program (1999 – 2012) - Evaluation, techniques and major outcomes - H. Valente, N. Ribeiro (Portugal) 
  • 312 - Eliciting the economic value of electricity supply security - A european valuation - Michael Schmidthaler, Johannes Reichl (Austria) 
  • 313 - Challenges and specific issues in the electricity transmission and distribution network planning in Romania - O. Stanescu, G. Indre, D. Bolborici, S. Oprea (Romania) 
  • 314 - Optimization of HSIL Non-conventional 500 kV Transmission Line - J. F. Amon, C. P. R. Gabaglia, M. J. Izycki, G. Tavares, R. C. R. Menezes, A. S. Rigueira, F.C.Dart, J. B. G.F. Silva, L. F. Ferreira (Brazil) 
  • 315 - Economic considerations for uprating of overhead lines with high temperature low
    sag conductors - C. Hildmann, S. Dreier, S. Grossmann, T. Dockhorn (Germany) 
  • 316 - Maximizing capacity of right of ways with ACSS (Aluminum Conductor Steel Supported) - M. A. Lancaster (USA)





  • 321 - Use of resonant earthing with residual current compensation for a safer and more resilient network - Dennis Keen (New Zealand)
  • 322 - Addition of series capacitors in New Zealand’s South Island 220 kV transmission system - K.M Ward (New Zealand)
  • 323 - “Examples of upgrading HV/MV substations carried out in Poland in recent years.” - K. Gantzki (Poland) 
  • 324 - Industrial case study of an IEC 61850 standard compatible and synchronised tripping circuit monitor for electric substations - Y. Liu, R. Zivanovic, S. Al-Sarawi (Australia)
  • 325 - Controlled switching contributions to equipment upgrading and uprating - S. De Carufel, A. Mercier, P. Taillefer (Canada) 





  • 332 - Design considerations for uprating BPE-HAY 220 kV single circuit transmission lines - H.L. Yorke and Craig Thornton (New Zealand)
  • 333 - Development of 500/132 Kv multicircuit transmission line towers in ESKOM - Suren Natesan, Sanjay Narain, Nompumelelo Bofu, Shawn Ramadhin, Kris Sadurski and Riaz Vajeth (South Africa)
  • 334 - Safety, design and cost aspects of overhead line uprates in Ireland - T. Condon, J. Doyle, T. Kavanagh, E. Hannan, O. Armstrong (Ireland) 
  • 335 - Multiconductors 400 kV overhead lines and their environmental impacts - B.A. Cauzillo, M. Pompili, A. Posati (Italy) 





  • 341 - Method and tools to monitor the OHL transmitting capacity in a real time and changing environment - K. Mekhanoshin, K. Konakov, A. Borodin, V. Shkaptsov (Russian Federation) 
  • 342 - Best practice in transmission and distribution in a changing environment - D.A.Douglass,  I.S.Grant (USA)
  • 343 - An attempt to OHL dynamic line rating by strain-vibration detection of tower - Nenad Gubeljak, Kresimir Bakic, Franc Jakl, Aleksandar Veg, Emil Veg, Jožef Predan (Slovenia, Serbia) 
  • 344 - Weather based dynamic rating of 380-kV overhead lines and its verification - R. PUFFER, M. SCHMALE, M. DÖRR (Germany)
  • 345 - Reinforcement learning using weather forecast and power line sensor as a key to optimize your power line assets in a changing world for DSOs and TSOs - H.-M. Nguyen, B. Godard, P. Schell, J-L Lilien (Belgium)


SESSION 3.4 b 


  • 346 - Analysis of convection models for overhead lines. Application to dynamic thermal rating systems for integrating renewable energy - Javier Iglesias, Sara Fernandez de Sevilla ( Spain)





  • 411 - Current sensors for novel solutions in transmission and distribution systems - Lj. A. Kojovic (USA)
  • 412 - Long-term service experience and inspection results of HV equipment made of silicone rubber insulators - Igor Gutman, Christian Ahlholm, Ulf Åkesson, Anders Holmberg, Dong Wu, Lars Jonsson (Sweden) 
  • 413 - High voltage capacitors for very low temperature applications - Etienne Savary, Minh Duc Vo, Damien Friou (Switzerland)





  • 421 - Study of interrupting duties of delayed zero crossing current in generator main circuit  - H. Kohyama, K. Kamei, D. Yoshida, H. Ito (Japan), H. Wilson (USA)
  • 422 - Investigation on transformer limited faults on large capacity power transformers - H. Kagawa, T. Maekawa, M. Kosakada, O. Hosokawa, M. Toyoda, K. Kawasaki (Japan)
  • 423 - The Impact of increasing short-circuit current on T&D equipment - R.P.P. Smeets, L.H. te Paske (The Netherlands) 





  • 431 - Single break compact switchgear technology for 420kV - Peter Glaubitz, Maik Behne, Christian Waller (Germany)
  • 432 - Comparison of switching behavior of 145 kV vacuum and SF6 circuit-breakers in the case of switching off shunt reactor currents -  Frank Richter, Dirk Makareinis, Dr. Joerg Teichmann, Dr. Frank Reincke, Roland Mross, Dr. Stefan Giere (Germany)
  • 433 - Rated Short-circuit Current Making Test at Full-voltage for 126kV vacuum circuit breaker - Xiaofei Yao, Ping Liu, Zhiyuan Liu, Pu Liu, Yingsan Geng, Jianhua Wang (China)
  • 434 - Application of vacuum circuit breakers for traction power supply system in East Japan Railway Company - H.Hayashiya, K.Matsuura, S.Yokokawa, M.Onuki, H.Yamamoto, K.Nanaumi (Japan)





  • 511 - Enhancement of transmission systems with HVDC and FACTS - P. Thepparat, D.Retzmann, K. Uecker (Germany)
  • 512 - An advanced control method for HVDC systems to damp second harmonic oscillations in AC grids - Sibylle Endruschat, Christoph Hahn, Matthias Luther (Germany)
  • 513 - Sizing of battery energy storage for dynamic stability - Eric Hsieh, Charlie Vartanian (USA)
  • 514 - Research on coordinated control technology for AC/DC system in China - Zhang Jinhua, Hu Tao, Zhang wenchao, Wu Ziping, Gao Zijian (P.R China)





  • 611 - Accurate and realistic regional forecast of renewable infeed in power systems - J. Kays, A. Seack, C. Rehtanz (Germany)
  • 612 - Small island experience - planning to integrate large amounts of wind and solar generation - P.J. Palermo, K. Chen, D.M. Korinek (United States)
  • 613 - The role of the network planning process in upgrading network functionality to meet the requirements of independent power producers - Horvath G. C (New Zealand)
  • 614 - Alternative energy development on north stradbroke island - Marcus DW Steel (Australia)
  • 615 - Best practice in smart grid applications for distributed electricity networks - An overview of Austrian and European research and pilot projects - Daniel Burnier De Castro, Sawsan Henein, Stefan Übermasser, Johannes Stockl, Helfried Brunner, Johannes Kathan, Serdar Kadam (Austria)




  • 621 - Virtual oower source based grid simulation platform for system effect analysis of massive renewable energy penetration - R. Uda, K. Kuroda, S. Fukui, A. Iwamaru, M. Kitayama (Japan)
  • 622 - Reactive power and voltage management for multiple variable renewable generation: cases, comparison and best practice for transmission and distribution systems - Topic: distributed and variable generation issues - Nicholas W. Miller (United States) 
  • 623 - Factors influencing fault ride through capability of generator for a biomass micro grid system in Malaysia - Ab. Halim Abu Bakar, Ooi Wei Sheng, Paismanathan Govindasamy, Hazlie Mokhlis, Hazlee Azil Illias (Malaysia)


SESSION 6.2 b 


  • 624 - Solving voltage problems caused by distributed generations - Holger Hannemann & John Penny (New Zealand) 





  • 625 - A novel approach toward economical dispatch in a micro grid in islanded mode - Amirhossein Ghods, Mohammad M. Movahedi (Iran)
  • 626 - Agent based approach to model photovoltaic feed-in in distribution network planning - A. Seack, J. Kays (Germany) 



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