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  • Reliable moisture determination in ower transformers (April 2011) - SP_255_1
  • Multi-modalities investigation of 60 Hz magnetic field effects on the human central nervous system (June 2011) - SP_256_1
  • Defense schema against large disturbances in China Southern Power Grid (August 2011) - SP_257_1
  • Technical aspects of the North Sea Super Grid (October 2011) - SP_258_1
  • Transmission line design is booming a current practical consideration of transmision line engineering  (December 2011) - SP_259_1
  • Power system reinforcements: The Hardanger connection (February 2012) - SP_260_1
  • The threat of intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI) to the control of supergrids (April 2012) - SP_261_1
  • Balancing renewable energy sources using vehicle to grid services controlled - Part 1 (June 2012) - SP_262_1
  •  Balancing renewable energy sources using vehicle to grid services controlled - Part 2 (August 2012) - SP_263_1
  • Smartgrids: motivation, stakes and perspectives (October 2012) - SP_264_1
  • Overall cost comparison between cable and overhead lines including the costs for repair after random failures (December 2012) - SP_265_1
  • Effect of long term corona and humidity exposure of silicone rubber based housing materials (April 2013) - SP_267_1
  • An adaptative online voltage stability monitoring scheme using synchrophasors  (June 2013) - SP_268_1
  • Market disturbance Workshop: Market impacts of extreme weather in ERCOT during 2011 summer (June 2013) - SP_268_2
  • Shunt reactive power compensation study (August 2013) - SP_269_1
  • The CIGRE B4 DC grid test system (October 2013) - SP_270_1
  • Best practices in renewable energy feed-in tariff (REFIT) design and their application in east african countries (December 2013) - SP_271_1
  • On voltage and VAR support in electric power system operation  (February 2014) - SP_272_1
  • The development trend of submarine cable projects for achieving optimal allocation of energy using international power grid interconnection (April 2014) - SP_273_1
  • Worldwide electric energy market: Beware of the statistics trap in government procurement (October 2014) - SP_276_1
  • Economic valuation of electricity supply security: Ad-hoc cost assessment tool for power outages (October 2014) - SP_276_2

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