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Reference: ISH2017_609

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Measurement of ionic current and electric fields under HVDC transmission lines



An electrostatic field mill to measure the ground level DC electric field and two different designs of Wilson plate sensor electrodes with associated circuitry in order to measure the nano-ampere ion current level have been designed. Laboratory tests and early stage field trials have been conducted under the Cahora Bassa ± 533 kV HVDC line. Results from field trials using the Wilson Plate Devices, indicates an erratic ion current environment. Results from field trials using the HVDC electrostatic field mills, has revealed the presence of intermittent peaks in the recorded ground level electric field, which are an order of magnitude larger than the average field. The measured average ground level electric field has a noticeable daily variation. Further work will be directed towards development of detailed calibration procedures and investigation into the measurement accuracy of the constructed devices.

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Year: 2017

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