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Reference: ISH2017_597

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Application of prime and G3-PLC power line communication standards on transmission networks



In this paper, the performance of the emerging Prime and G3-PLC narrowband Power Line Communication standards are evaluated on typical double-circuit transmission lines. The standards are primarily targeted at distribution networks, so their performance is relatively unknown at transmission level. Emphasis is placed on the “floating” inductive coupler arrangement, which, if feasible, could allow a more cost-effective means of coupling than the traditional capacitive coupling used in conventional power line carrier systems. To perform the analysis, bespoke models of the physical layers of the standards have been created in the EMTP models language, allowing, in conjunction with frequency dependent line models, a direct implementation within the software. A detailed analysis of coupler arrangements, effect of transmitter position and robustness to noise and multipath effects is carried out.

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Pages NB: 6

Year: 2017

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