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Reference: ISH2017_589

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Effect of test voltage function on a front-time of lightning impulse voltage measured by a long measuring cable



The test voltage function or k-factor was newly introduced in IEC 60060-1:2010. With the k-factor combined with base curve technique, lightning impulse parameters have been evaluated much easily and stably than with the old method defined in IEC 60060- 1:1989. Now there has been a report in IEC TC 42 committee that front time evaluated from recorded curve of a smooth waveform at the end of a long measuring cable becomes much larger by IEC 60060-1:2010 definition than with IEC 60060-1:1989 description. Authors could not only confirm this phenomenon and find reasons to cause but also propose a technique to circumvent this difficulty. In the paper, details of the counter measure and arrangement of the measuring system, which eliminates erroneous front time evaluation, are introduced.

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Pages NB: 6

Year: 2017

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