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Reference: ISH2017_478

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Method for identifying the soil ionization curve due to application of impulse currents in grounding rods



This work presents a soil resistivity curve parameters identification study during the ionization and deionization process, due to the application of an impulsive voltage in a grounding rod. For this, an experiment of the literature was represented in a simulation tool through the finite element method, in a 3D environment. Afterwards, the time constants of the dynamic soil ionization model were optimized to accurately represent the experimental results. The optimization was conducted in such a way that the current obtained was as close as possible to the experimental current. The dynamic ionization model was implemented in a pointwise form, thus, each point of the soil goes into process independently of the other points of the soil, allowing a more accurate representation of the ionization phenomenon of the soil. The parameters optimization was performed using a heuristic method, observing the differences between the simulated current and the experimental current. The results obtained are reasonably accurate and indicate that the methodology can be used to characterize the impulsive response of soils.

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Year: 2017

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