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Reference: ISH2017_401

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Measurement of high voltage transients related to power quality for trouble-shooting application, using no invasive three phase electrical field probes.



Despite the existence of different brands of very good power quality analysers, their input is normally designed to be connected on low voltage systems. Sometimes, these analysers are connected to the terminals of inductive voltage transformers, but at frequencies above 500 Hz, do not give accurate information. For power-quality-related trouble shooting of a 115-kV substation, the measurement of voltage transients produced by some events of energization and disconnection of a 150 MVA, 115/23 kV, besides a disconnection of 9.35 MVA, 115/13.2 kV, adjacent to the power transformer was made. A comparison of two measurement systems was made, one with inductive voltage transformers and other with non-invasive three-phase electrical field probes. The presence of multiple fast peaks was detected with both systems, however the field probes detected overvoltages up to 3.7 p.u., higher than the threshold of lightning arrester that these transformers did not detect. Besides the possibility of achieve a good power quality assessment, this field probe measuring technique can provide information regarding the state of health of the components of the high voltage system.

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Year: 2017

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