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Reference: ISH2017_391

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Studies on planar transmission lines as defaulting circuits



The present work consists of information that explains how the planar transmission is carried out and its application. In addition to being made an analogy with a cable that carries similar transmission, in this case, the coaxial. This work specifies one of the ways that this kind of planar transmission can be performed through the microstrip line. With this type of application, data transmission can be exerted through radio frequency electromagnetic waves in high frequency bands, thus becoming this type of line, applicable to the vast majority of electronic equipment that perform communication between antennas under high frequency Of resonance. The main objective of this study is to teach how to achieve improvements in these planar transmissions through the microstrip line. This objective will be reached, in an attempt to discover information that is contained in the electric field of the waves of this planar transmission, through a lag in degrees, congruous, that will cause a delay in this field, being able to manipulate and improve it. This lag, consists of a set of lags that allows to obtain a better transmission result of these lines, this set of lags is called phased shifter circuits. All lags will be intentional and achieved through mathematical calculations involving telecommunications equations and mobile communication. After these lags are calculated, they can be viewed graphically through software called CST® Corporation.

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Year: 2017

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