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Reference: ISH2017_310

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Simulation and detection of series arcing faults in more electric aircraft power system



More Electric Aircraft (MEA) is designed and developed to reduce the weight and life cycle costs of aircraft, and 270V high voltage DC power supply system is more suitable for requirements of more electric aircraft. But higher voltage increases the risk of arcing failure in Electrical Wiring Interconnect System (EWIS) of MEA. In this manuscript, Volt-Ampere relationship (VAR) of arcing is firstly established. Then a series arcing experiment platform is built in the laboratory. The current and voltage waveform of arc discharge in each development stage is discussed. Furthermore, the safety clearance and factors of different resistive loads and electrode moving speed have been tested respectively. This paper analyses and gives reference value to the safety clearance of arc discharge in MEA 270 V DC power system. Under the condition of resistive load 25 O and electrode moving speed at 0.5 r/s, the maximum arcing length reaches 19.65 mm. In this manuscript, the factors of loads and electrode moving speeds are taken into consideration of affecting maximum arcing length. These experimental results give supports for subsequent design and diagnosis of More Electric Aircraft wiring.

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Year: 2017

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