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Reference: ISH2017_278

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Energy scavenging technology based on spatial electromagnetic energy for powering wireless sensors



A new topology with spherical for energy harvesting is proposed to overcome the unsatisfactory adaptability and low efficiency of the traditional converting topologies. Based on the method of separated variables within the toridal coordinate system, a corresponding analytical model for spherical converter is further established so as to obtain the analytic expressions of the topology capacitance and the output voltage. According to the complexity of the electromagnetic environment of substation, this paper presents a kind of isolated fly-back PWM control circuit with strong anti-interference ability. On the basis of actual situation, the overall design of the conditioning circuit block diagram and the specific indicators have been designed and feedback compensation network controlled by the voltage and current dual-loop has been build up. In order to collect the magnetic energy in space, this paper established a mathematical model of wraparound magnetic energy converter topologies, and define the mutual inductance to characterize its magnetic energy gathering capacity. And the simulation experiment is carried out to verify the correctness of the model.

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Year: 2017

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