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Reference: ISH2017_203

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Barrier effect on the dielectric strength of the transformer insulating oils



The barriers in transformer insulating oil play an important role in prohibiting the particles movement in addition to reducing the partial discharge activity, therefore, enhancing the dielectric strength of the insulating oils. In this paper, a Response Surface Methodology (RSM) based on Box-Benken Design (BBD) is used to construct a prediction formula to illustrate the impact of the gap space with barrier between two plates (d), the barrier placed between the two plates relative to gap space (a/d)% and eventually, the barrier diameter (D) on the breakdown strength of the insulating oils. The effect of the above-mentioned factors for the plate to plate gap under alternating current voltage is demonstrated. The benefit to using BBD is a reduction in the experiments numbers that in all cases is very costly and all design points are in the safe operating zone. The experimental works are performed to collect the required data (for BBD, 15 experiments data is sufficient). The results explain the ability of the proposed method to give a prediction formula with a minimum number of required experiments and minimum errors, in addition, the optimal gap space (d), relative placement of barrier relative to gap space (a/d)% and the diameter of barrier (D) is also obtained.

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Year: 2017

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