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Reference: ISH2017_112

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Sensitivity analysis of cable oscillating wave test system on multi-source defects diagnostics



In recent years, with the city of electricity before the transmission and distribution cable manufacturing technology has reached a very high level, the cable body to produce a partial discharge phenomenon is very low probability, but the cable terminal and the middle connector because of its complex insulation structure, The level of technology, the impact of environmental conditions, long-term operation may be in the weak part of the insulation produced partial discharge phenomenon.The insulation defect directly affects the safe operation of the cable,so cable defect diagnosis is of great significance.In this paper, we focus on the defect detection of the 10kV line I power cable in a power supply bureau, the reason of concentrated discharge analyzed deeply.According to the laboratory diagnosis, the type of discharge is confirmed, and there are some hidden troubles in the joint, which is caused by poor manufacturing process. We verified the results of the experiment by means of dissection of 10kV cable joint. The analysis of the actual cases in this paper provides valuable experience for maintenance personnel.In this paper, a 10kV line I line cable concentrating discharge defects were diagnosed and disassembled.The results show that the number of discharge pulses increases with the increase of the applied voltage, which shows the rising trend of the discharge pulse and conforms to the typical discharge characteristics.The results show that the detected partial discharge signals are opposite in polarity and repeat, and they are confirmed to be derived from the internal defect of the No. ? defect, which eliminates the need for the introduction of the new terminal The possibility of a defect; the partial discharge type is probabilistically an internal discharge. Subsequent disintegration tests, laboratory analysis, and detailed analysis of the defects. In this paper, the analysis of the defect and the results verify that the oscillation method is very sensitive to the cable joint defects, but also for the test personnel to provide valuable experience in the analysis of defects.

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Year: 2017

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