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Reference: ISH2015_72

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Influence Regularity of Trace O2 on SF6 Decomposition Characteristics under PD



To explore the influence regularity of trace O2 on SF6 decomposition characteristics under partial discharge (PD) and establish the foundation of using SF6 decomposed components to diagnose the insulation status of SF6 electrical equipment, a series of artificial fault decomposition experiments with different O2 concentrations(%) under PD were conducted on a designed test-bed. Firstly, the concentrations and variation regularities of characteristic components were obtained quantitatively. The results show that under the PD produced by metal protraction insulation fault without organic solid insulated materials, SF6 mainly decomposes into CO2, SO2F2, and SOF2 but not CF4 in the specific range of trace O2. Trace O2 has no obvious effect on CO2 and SOF2 concentrations as well as c(CO2)/c(SO2F2+SOF2) characteristic ratio. However, trace O2 is negatively and positively related to SO2F2 concentration and c(SOF2)/c(SO2F2) characteristic ratio, respectively.

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Year: 2015

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