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Reference: ISH2015_621

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Study to the Interfacial Properties of Running Composite Insulators



To study the interfacial properties of running composite insulator, 37 from Guangdong area, 68 from Guangxi area and 48 from Hebei area with different operating life are selected as samples. The interfacial properties between the core and housing of the composite insulators, the interfacial properties of the juncture with the fittings, the core and the housing, and the interfacial properties between the sheds and the housing were detected. It was discovered that there are about 50% of running composite insulators have the appearance of poor adhesion between the housing and the core. Ends fittings and sealants exhibit different forms of failure phenomena, such as the ends sealant becoming hard, powdering, and sticky, thread and the inside of fittings getting rusting, the top sealant of core losing efficacy, oil leaking from the core, and so on. 31 composite insulators from Guangdong area have the seal failure phenomenon between inside fittings and top core, making the ratio to 83.8%. 78% of the composite insulators from Hebei and Guangxi area have the degradation phenomenon that mentioned above. The splice between the housings and sheds of composite insulators that using the technology of extruding and wearing sheds is not strong at all, which can be stripped easily by hand. For the insensitivity of the method that used to detect the interfacial properties of composite insulators in standard, a method is proposed that detect the DC leakage current of a sample before and after boiling test and judge its interfacial properties by comparing the change of leakage current.

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Year: 2015

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