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Reference: ISH2015_533

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The Influence of Temperature on Characteristic Parameter of FDS Curve



In order to evaluate oil-paper insulation's condition more reliably and effectually by using FDS as non-destructive test, a dielectric response function model for FDS is presented in this paper based on dielectric physics in depth study. Firstly, FDS measurement system for oil-paper insulation was established in lab. And the effect of the temperature on FDS characteristics of oil-immersed paper was investigated. Secondly, with the proposed model, the actual FDS curves in different temperature were mathematically fitted with high accuracy and some characteristic parameters are extracted. After that, the relationships between characteristic parameters and temperature were studied. The results indicate that the reconstructed FDS curve was in good agreement with the measured curve. The relationships between temperature T and characteristic parameter, d.c.-conductivity ?0 as well as relaxation time 1/? meet the Arrhenius equation. The influence of temperature on FDS can be eliminated by adjusting parameter ?0 and ? which can be extracted from the measured FDS curves.

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Year: 2015

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