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Reference: ISH2015_51

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Estimation of Individual Contribution of Partial Discharge Sources for Simultaneous Discharges Using Weibull Function



Partial Discharge (PD) is the phenomena which occur due to partial breakdowns in high voltage insulation systems. Weibull distribution is generally used for analysis of random phenomena like PD. Two parameter Weibull function fits well when the PDs of same origin occur while mixed Weibull function fits well when PDs from multiple sources occur simultaneously. This paper focuses on the analysis of simultaneous discharges (PDs from multiple sources acting simultaneously) using mixed Weibull function considering apparent charge as the random variable. The major contribution of this paper is estimation of the percentage contribution of one discharge over the other in case of simultaneous discharges for (i) slot & end winding discharge and (ii) surface & gap discharge.

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Year: 2015

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