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Reference: ISH2015_47

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Partial Discharge Source Identification Using Phase Window Analysis of PRPD Data



Electrical discharges which do not completely bridge the electrodes and are localized in nature are called as Partial Discharge (PD). Even though the magnitude of such discharges is small, they degrade the insulation and may eventually lead to breakdown of the system. Therefore measurement and analysis of such discharges is a crucial aspect towards efficient diagnosis of high voltage insulation systems. There are several source of discharges inside the rotating machine like Slot Discharge, Surface Discharge, Delamination etc. Phase Resolved Partial Discharge (PRPD) pattern, obtained from the PD detectors, is the widely used pattern for analyzing PD. PRPD pattern is the representation of PD apparent charge (Q) versus phase angle of applied voltage (Ø) including the information of count of PD pulses. This paper uses the PRPD patterns to identify the type of PD by dividing it in different phase windows. The information of the PD activity in these phase windows is then obtained and is used to characterize and identify the type of discharge, since each discharge type is associated with specific characteristic pattern. This is termed as ‘phase window analysis'. The results for identification of Slot discharge, Delamination and Void discharge are discussed in this paper. These discharges are commonly observed in rotating machines. This paper also proposes a model for PD type identification system. Flowchart of a computer program is also discussed which is used for automatic identification of type of PD.

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Year: 2015

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