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Reference: ISH2015_469

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Development of a Current impulse data base for ZnO Surge arrester models analysis



The correct and adequate modelling of ZnO surge arresters characteristics is fundamental for various routine studies performed on electrical systems, such as insulation coordination and systems reliability studies. In this context, many researchers addressed considerable efforts to the development of models to reproduce the behaviour of the equipment. Only a few of these proposed models are based on actual measurements of the surge arresters behaviour, mostly they are based and validated with data acquired through bibliographic research, meaning most of the developed models are based and analysed with a small database. Recent papers indicate that most measurements used to propose models of surge arresters are strongly affected by the inductance of the measurement set up, therefore the behaviour of most proposed models has been analysed based on data that may not represent the actual behaviour of a ZnO surge arrester. This work presents the construction of a data base of current impulses applied to different ZnO surge arresters with a procedure to compensate the inductance of the measurement set up in order to better represent the response of the analyzed equipment. This database was then used to analyse the behavior of the most commonly used models of ZnO Surge arrester. The results obtained indicate the analysed model structures are capable of determining the residual voltage of the surge arrester, although their performance is inferior then related on most references. Furthermore, the models struggle to determine the actual waveform of the response.

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Year: 2015

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