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Reference: ISH2015_458

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The Change of Mechanical Properties of HTV Silicone Rubber due to Liquids Permeation



The high temperature vulcanized (HTV) silicone rubber materials have been proved to be a good polymeric materials for outdoor insulation, due to its excellent hydrophobicity and hydrophobicity transfer properties which can significantly decrease the leakage current. In addition, another major function of the silicone rubber housing is to protect the fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) rod from damage, which requires the silicone rubber housing has good mechanical properties. In actual use, silicone rubber housing would suffer various kinds of environmental stress, such as rain, acid rain, pollutant accumulation, ultraviolet exposure and so on. In all of these environmental stress, liquids permeation is considered to play a major factor in silicone rubber aging. In our previous study, the change of loss and recovery of hydrophobicity properties and volume resistance properties of silicone rubber have been reported. In this paper, the change of mechanical properties of silicone rubber due to liquids permeation is investigated in detail. The tensile strength, tear strength and elongation percentage of silicone rubber were measured before and after immersion in different kinds of liquids at 30° C. The experiment was lasted for up to 20 days. The liquids used in this research were three kinds of liquids, which silicone rubber housing would encounter in practice, including deionized water, NaCl and HNO3 solutions. The experiment results showed that after immersion, the mechanical properties of silicone rubber decreased partly, and the decrease extents were related to the type and the concentration of liquids. The HNO3 solution of high concentration affected the mechanical properties of silicone rubber badly, which was because the conformation of silicone rubber changed. According to the test results, the change of mechanical properties of HTV silicone rubber due to liquids permeation was discussed and analysed in depth.

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Year: 2015

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