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Reference: ISH2015_452

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Analysis and Study of Line-Side Transient Recovery Voltage for Short-Line Fault



After the high-voltage circuit-breakers interrupting the short-line fault current at current zero, the line-side traveling wave process will create a high rate of rise of transient recovery voltage with a triangular-shaped waveform during a few tens of microseconds. By solving the second-order differential equations of lossless line with voltage and current initial conditions at the current zero moment, the solution of voltage wave is consisted of a forward wave and a backward wave with equal amplitude and same polarity along the transmission line at the initial time. Further analysis and calculation of the traveling wave process are showed in this paper, and this paper proposes a new way to calculate the first peak value of the line-side transient voltage for the single-phase-to-ground fault or the last-pole-to-clear for a three phase-to-ground fault by applying the traveling wave process theory and symmetrical component method. Finally, it is shown that the successful interruption results of SLF tests to half-pole of the circuit-breaker with a rated voltage 800kV met the requirements of international standard IEC62271-100 very well.

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Year: 2015

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