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Reference: ISH2015_448

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Attempts in extending a new method to improve performance of Frequency Response Analysis



There has been recently a new method proposed to determine electrical parameters in a lumped parameter transformer model for Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) purpose for power transformers. Compared with other lumped models, the model is very effective in representing three-phase power transformers for FRA purpose at low frequencies while easy to derive based on measurements at transformer terminals. However, the efficiency of the model is limited in medium and high frequency range since lumped parameters cannot reflect well physical phenomena in transformers at such frequencies. To improve the FRA performance of the proposed method at medium frequencies for transformer failure diagnosis purpose, the paper introduces an investigation on a distributed parameter model of a 200 kVA 10.4/0.46 kV Yy6 distribution transformer, whose parameters are determined based on the method and analytical calculations. Result of the investigation is a simplified procedure in determination of electrical parameters associated with the distributed parameter transformer model for better FRA interpretation at medium frequencies.

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Year: 2015

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