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Reference: ISH2015_376

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A Simulation of Electrical Transient on 115kV High Voltage Equipment in Substation caused by Capacitor Bank Switching



This paper presents a transient simulation for electrical stress analysis due to capacitor bank switching in a 115 kV substation. The actual data of all equipment in substation is used in the simulated circuit and the simulation is performed by using ATP/EMTP program. The simulation cases focus on the switching of capacitor bank causing high electrical stresses such as high magnitude and frequency of inrush current, transient recovery voltage, and rate-of-rise of recovery voltage to equipment. The switching overvoltage caused by capacitor bank switching could lead to the non-linear voltage distribution along the winding insulation of current transformer, which could probably lead to insulation damage, Therefore, the current transformer is modelled and the voltage distribution along the winding is investigated. The simulated results of different switching conditions have been compared with the on-site measurement with satisfactory result. The verified simulation model can be further used to investigate the severity of electrical stresses at critical substation in Thailand transmission network.

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Year: 2015

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