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Reference: ISH2015_354

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Multi-dimensional diagnostics of power transformer



Power transformers in electrical networks provide a significant capital good and a core component. To ensure a safe operation and to avoid unplanned outages, well-defined diagnostic and maintenance strategies have been introduced. By using various diagnosis methods the condition of different components such as windings, bushings, OLTC, auxiliary equipment and the overall condition of the insulation system can be evaluated. A very common option, which can be done in the operation, is to perform the analysis of the insulating oil in terms of the chemical and physical properties, the dissolved gases and furans. In addition to oil investigation, various electrical measurement methods for increasing the information of the condition of transformers are available. Besides increasing the level of information by the observation from different angles a redundant consideration of possible faults is done (increasing of the confidence of the diagnosis) and the likelihood that some problem areas cannot be detected is reduced. In this paper, the various and commonly used diagnostic methods and their areas faced are. Based on this comparison, a number of practical examples, which were investigated by the ABB Transformers Service Center in Halle, are shown and discussed in detail.

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Year: 2015

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