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Reference: ISH2015_346

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Influence of incorporation of non-woven fibers into the structure of electrical insulating materials on dielectric properties of the systems



The paper deals with the possibilities of using non-woven nanofibers in electrical insulation systems for electrical machines. There is an innovative idea of incorporation of polymer non-woven nanofibers into the structure of commonly used electrical insulating material based on glass-mica-epoxy. The paper includes the specification of the commonly used materials, principle of production non-woven nanofibers, description of experiment and the very first results. In the experiment, the prepregs (pre-impregnated composite fibers) were filed with different amount of non-woven fibers and cured at specified temperature and pressure. Specific dielectric strength and dissipation factor in dependence on voltage were then measured. The obtained results indicated that it is possible to improve at least some of important material properties.

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Year: 2015

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