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Reference: ISH2015_30

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Discussion of Radio Interference Voltage Measurement for High Voltage Equipment Under Application of Direct Current Voltage



The generation mechanism of corona under the application of DC voltage is different from that of AC voltage. As the fast development of HVDC transmission, the measurement of radio interference voltage (RIV) is requested for high voltage equipment under application of direct current voltage. IEC CISPR 18-2 is only applied to RIV measurement for AC equipment. Researches show that the phenomena of corona pulse generated under DC voltage is totally different from that of under AC voltage. If the test circuit recommended in CISPR 18-2 is used for DC voltage, the RIV would be close to zero under 1.1Ur even the audible noise could be heard by ear. New test method is needed for RIV measurement of HVDC equipment. In this paper two measurement methods are recommended for RIV measurement of HVDC equipment. The prefer one is to measure RIV under DC voltage application, the measurement voltage is 1.1Ur (here Ur is the rated voltage of the equipment), it should be in the specified limit. The test procedure is similar to that specified in CISPR 18-2. Meanwhile, the inception voltage and the extinction voltage of the corona should be measured and they should not lower than 1.1Ur. The alternative method is to measure RIV under AC voltage, but the equivalent AC voltage (in r.m.s.) is 1.1Ur/v2. The testing procedure specified in CISPR 18-2 is applicable. The revised Chinese national standard for RIV measurement of high voltage equipment has accepted the above two measurement methods. It will be published before the end of 2015.

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Year: 2015

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